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We've Made Retreat Planning Easy!

Does the thought of coordinating your first retreat scare you? Are you a seasoned retreat planner who is looking to take your events to the next level? In “The Ultimate Retreat Planning Guide” Christian event planner Andy McClung gives you step by step practical advice on how to make your next retreat a success.

With a life time of experience both attending and running successful Christian camps and retreats, Andy shares easy to follow insight on how you can turn your events into amazing experiences for you and your guests. He shows you exactly how to become a Christian Camp Pro by:

  • Explaining the fundamentals of retreating
  • Teaching you how to build the perfect event team
  • Showing easy ways to promote your retreat
  • Walking you through the event itself
  • Guiding you through properly ending a retreat

Planning the ultimate retreat is a blast! If you are looking to take your event to the next level, but feeling a little overwhelmed, this book is for you.