Dealing with Unreliable Camp Volunteers

Often, the most worrisome part of planning any event has nothing to do with organizing, scheduling, or even financing. Rather, the one thing that causes the most anxiety is when you count on your volunteers to do something, and they always seem to shirk responsibility. At first, these kinds of people can seem truly invested … Read more

10 Best Vacation Bible School Curriculums of 2017

We all know that it can be difficult to find the perfect youth camp theme, but with some effort and prayer it can be done.  The same can be said for finding the best Vacation Bible School curriculum for your church children’s program too!  VBS curriculums follow the same general guidelines of planning an effective … Read more

What if No One Shows Up for My Retreat?

Whether you’re an experienced retreat planner or relatively new to the scene, there is one question you are bound to face at some point: What if no one shows up? It’s the greatest fear of every event coordinator. After all, it would be a tragedy to put in so much time, energy, and resources, only … Read more