5 Things to Ask Your Event Location Beforehand

It doesn’t matter if you are facing the first retreat or you happen to have some experience, organizing a retreat requires a great deal of work and meticulousness. When you’re occupied with scouting for a retreat location that meets every one of your criteria, it’s easy to become involved with minor subtle elements and disregard … Read more

4 Signs You’re Planning Way Too Much

Planning is important. It doesn’t matter if you’re having a church retreat, a concert, or even a wedding; if you don’t plan, your event is bound to crash and burn. But while not planning adequately is a valid concern, there is such a thing as over planning. Everyone gets it; whatever you’re planning is so … Read more

How to Identify Great Campgrounds for Your Event

When planning an event, people often focus on the numbers and the fine tuning: how many people will be there, how much food to buy, what time to start and end, and the list goes on and on. But one of the most important details when it comes to planning is location. Location is everything; … Read more