How to Get Youth Fired Up About Camp

When it comes to youth camp, there’s a lot to get fired up about. There’s always a variety of entertainment, amazing speakers who get you pumped about the gospel, and not to mention, great food. It’s always a time of revitalization, relationship building, and just plain fun. But youth who haven’t experienced it firsthand might … Read more

The Best Way to Utilize Camp Volunteers

A successful camp or retreat is one that is well-organized and well-staffed. Much of the staffing for camps and retreats comes from volunteers. Usually these are people who have signed up for tasks that interest them, or they have been specifically asked to do tasks that the leaders and organizers think suits them. Each volunteer … Read more

“Love Your #Selfie” Youth Retreat Theme with Games & Ideas

Love Your Selfie Youth Retreat

Self-esteem issues are a big problem facing today’s teens. Everywhere they look, on television, in movies and in magazines, teens are bombarded with images of beautiful faces, “perfect” bodies and glamorous lives. Social media is also full of pictures of flawless figures leading lives of luxury and excess. Teens are led to believe that this … Read more