9 Water Games for Those Hot Summer Days

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When it’s hot outside, everyone wants to find a fun way to cool down.  Why not play an action-packed water game to let off some of that steam?  

Here is a list of 9 super fun water games that will definitely cool you off!

water games for summer

Toss The Balloon Relay

In this game, teams all stand in a line with a bucket at the end.  Each person tosses a water balloon to their next team member without breaking the balloon.  

They must reach the team member at the finish line and drop it in the bucket.  If it breaks, the team must start again.  Be sure to have plenty of water balloons on hand for a water balloon fight afterward. Buy bulk water balloons here.

If you’re into water balloon games, here are 20 more water balloon games.

Beach Towel Toss

Similar to the above game.  This game consists of teams tossing a water balloon back and forth on a beach towel.  Like volleyball but wetter!

Tank Attack

Tank attack is a team effort, and one member of the team is the driver of the tank and a blindfolded member is the tank.  The driver has to direct the tank (who cannot see) without touching them and instruct them where to fire at the opposing team.  The team to keep one tank standing wins!

The Fireman Race

This game consists of catching water from a water hose in a cup to fill a bucket and win!  It’s great team-based fun!

Fire in the Jungle

This action-packed game is great for when the sun is scorching! There is a fire in the jungle, and all animals must stay wet!  Each team member plays either a gorilla, a leopard, a snake, a kangaroo, or a bat.  

They must run like their assigned animal to get to the bucket of water, fill the cup and throw it over their head.  The last person to get to the bucket pours the whole bucket over their head!

Sponge Soaker

In sponge soaker, teams take turns running to a bucket to fill their sponge with water and run back (keeping the sponge above their head).  

Then squeeze it into an empty bucket, the winning team is the first to have a full bucket of water.

Frozen T-Shirt Fiasco

This game is the perfect chiller for a hot day! Teams begin by having their shirts frozen in a Ziploc bag with water.  The teams then take their shirt out of the frozen bag to wear it. The first person to achieve this is the winner!

Blue Whale Attack

Just like the game “what time is it Mr. Wolf”, the “IT” person has a water hose and they go through the players asking “what time is it blue whale?”, and when they reach the person who is “IT”, they say “spray time”! This person gets sprayed and is now “IT”.


Like duck-duck-goose, a player goes over the team members heads spilling a little drop until they get to the “goose”, and they get splooshed! With a whole cup of water on their head!

Playing water games on hot summer days is the perfect way to cool off! If you have the time while the kids are out for summer, you may even consider using all of these games to set up a little DIY water park in your own backyard!