10 Leather Crafts for Men

leather crafts for men

Do-It-Yourself projects are almost always going to be a favorite among men. This type of activity gives a guy a chance to showcase what they do best, work with their hands and show new skills that they’ve learned. DIY leather crafts for men give a man something they can take home with them after a …

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EASY Crayon Art for Holy Week

holy week crayon art featured

The Holy Week is fast approaching and it is best to prepare our hearts, mind, and soul again with the teachings of the Lord during this time. For some people, Holy Week feels like a dark and sad time, but it is actually a beautiful process that shows how God delivered us from all our …

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A Modern Day Titus 2 Woman

modern day titus 2 woman

There’s a lot of pressure facing women in today’s society. But as followers of Jesus, we must decide whether or not we’re going to align our lives with God’s word.  It’s tempting to dismiss certain passages in the Bible and say, “Oh, that’s outdated—it doesn’t apply today.” But we are called to live out God’s …

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Considerations for Expansion, Addition, or Alteration of a Christian Camp Facility

Christian Camp Building Project

This is a guest post by energy calculation expert and guest blogger Jobe Leonard from the Reschexpert blog, Rescheck Podcast and https://www.rescheck.info.  He discusses key items you need to think about before breaking ground on construction projects at your church camp facility. Permits and Code The first consideration you need to take any time you …

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