15+ Games with Frisbees

games with frisbees

Are you looking for the best games with frisbees?  If so, you’re in the right place.  We’ve put together all of our favorite frisbee throwing games in one place for you.  Playing games with frisbees is a go-to for camp coordinators, PE teachers, and family backyard events because they provide hours of fun and many … Read more

Alabaster Bible Review – Should You Buy It?

alabaster bible review

Alabaster Co is known for its creative way of integrating thoughtful design alongside visual imagery. The 4 Gospels as well as other popular books of the Bible are presented in full color, infused with faith, beauty, and creativity that allows the reader to have a beautiful reading experience. They guarantee you will get a beautiful … Read more

101 Questions for Kids

questions for kids

It can be hard to open the lines of communication with your kids. This can be especially true with younger kids who are just learning to speak in full sentences. If you have multiple age groups in your home this can make it even harder. In my own experience, I have my 5-year-old translate for … Read more

101 Questions for Couples

Questions for Couples

Being in a relationship is a never-ending learning experience. No matter if you have been a couple for a few weeks or four decades, there may be still some things you don’t know about your partner. Of course, these are not things they are hiding from you but just some things that just never came … Read more

5 Fun Slime Crafts for Kids Camp + DIY Slime Recipe

fun slime crafts

It’s camp and retreat season and if you’re looking for activity ideas, then you should try these fun slime crafts for kid’s camp! Every kid loves to play with stretchy, sticky, and gooey slime.  And, let’s be honest, slime is a blast for adults, youth, and your little ones too.  Slime itself is already enjoyable … Read more

10 Bible Verses On Being Kind

bible verses on kindness

Are you a kind person?  Do you often go out of your way to spread kindness towards others?  Do you know how to be kind?  Are you reflecting Christ in your kindness? Do you need a quick list of Bible verses on being kind? Kindness is a great act that one can express to other … Read more