10 Quick Minute To Win It Easter Games – #6 Is Genius!

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Easter is an exciting yet busy time of the year for churches and retreat coordinators. That’s why we wanted to make it easier on you by providing a list of the 10 best Minute To Win It Easter Games!

To make all of these games have that extra bit of Easter flare, consider decorating standard eggs and turn them into Easter eggs.

Don’t forget you can change the rules and objects of any of these games to fit your needs or holiday.

Game One: Egg Zone

How to play:

Arrange 4 NFL footballs upright (preferably using a kickstand). In one minute, stack 4 Easter eggs on the tip of each football.

Suggested items: NFL football, kickstand, eggs

Minute to Win It - Games - Egg Zone

Game Two: Egg Dance

How to play: Balance two eggs on separate flat circular pizza pans held in each hand while traveling from point A to point B (recommended distance 25ft.)

Suggested items: circular pizza pan, eggs

Minute to Win It - Games - Egg Dance

Game Three: Sticker Picker Upper

How to play: Place three Easter-themed stickers sticky side up on a flat circular pizza pan. With one egg placed in the middle and only using one hand, roll the egg around the platter to stick each sticker to it.

Suggested items: Easter stickers, circular pizza pan, eggs

Minute to Win It - Games - Sticker Picker Upper

Game Four: Egg Tower

How to play: Using 4 Easter eggs and 4 paper towel rolls build a tower. Be careful not to get out of line or it will come crashing down!

Suggested items: paper towel rolls, eggs

Minute to Win It - Games - Egg Tower

Game Five: Sharp Shooter

How to play: Using your hands and rubber bands shoot three eggs off of stools. (The video shows playing cards, but get creative with Easter eggs!)

Suggested items: rubber bands, eggs

Minute to Win It - Games - Sharp Shooter

Game Six: Cadbury Overload

By far my favorite candy!

How to play: Two players race to see who can eat the most Cadbury candies in one minute. This includes having to unwrap them.

Suggested items: Cadbury candies

Game Seven: Peeps in the Nest

How to play: A team of two tries to see how many peeps they can toss in a bucket in one minute. The team with the most peeps wins.

Suggested items: peeps, Easter bucket

Game Eight: Peanut Butter Whistle

How to play: Eat a chocolate and peanut butter piece of Easter candy and whistle “Jesus Loves Me” in under one minute.

Suggested items: peanut butter candy

Game Nine: Chick vs Bunny Stack Attack

How to play: Using Easter bunny and Chick candy two people race to build the highest tower out of their candy in one minute. The highest tower wins! Be sure to have a lot of candy ready.

Suggested items: chocolate chick and bunny candy

Game Ten: Jelly Bean Toss

How to play: Two teams race to toss as many jelly beans into their cups as they can. The team with the most jelly beans in their cup after one minute wins.

Suggested items: cups, jelly beans

free easter games printable
Click the image above to download an easy-to-print version of all the one-minute Easter games on 2 pages.

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