25 Christian Crafts for Kids of All Ages

christian crafts for kids

It’s always easier to hold a child’s attention when you get them involved. When it comes to the Bible and Christianity, there is no difference. Here are a number of meaningful and fun activities that …

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101 Questions for Kids

questions for kids

It can be hard to open the lines of communication with your kids. This can be especially true with younger kids who are just learning to speak in full sentences. If you have multiple age …

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FREE Camp Coloring Book for Kids!

free camp coloring book

The “Ultimate Youth Camp Coloring Book” is a camp coloring book that I released on Amazon a few years ago to give camp coordinators fun coloring activities for kids at summer camp. Now it’s FREE! …

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Custom Silicone Wristbands for Camp

custom silicone wristbands for camp

Youth camps can benefit from using custom wristbands and more specifically silicone wristbands in a number of different ways. When having kids and teens at camp, these wristbands offer a cost-effective way to identify campers …

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