101 Questions for Kids

questions for kids

It can be hard to open the lines of communication with your kids. This can be especially true with younger kids who are just learning to speak in full sentences. If you have multiple age groups in your home this can make it even harder. In my own experience, I have my 5-year-old translate for … Read more

5 Fun Slime Crafts for Kids Camp + DIY Slime Recipe

fun slime crafts

It’s camp and retreat season and if you’re looking for activity ideas, then you should try these fun slime crafts for kid’s camp! Every kid loves to play with stretchy, sticky, and gooey slime.  And, let’s be honest, slime is a blast for adults, youth, and your little ones too.  Slime itself is already enjoyable … Read more

FREE Camp Coloring Book for Kids!

free camp coloring book

The “Ultimate Youth Camp Coloring Book” is a camp coloring book that I released on Amazon a few years ago to give camp coordinators fun coloring activities for kids at summer camp. Now it’s FREE! This free camp coloring book contains 27 hand-drawn images displaying fun aspects of youth camp. These images are easy to … Read more

Hydro Dipping: Everything You Need to Know

Hydro Dipping Guide

Hydro dipping is an extremely fun way for you to decorate almost any item that can be completely submerged in water. The activity is fun to complete and you get a memento when you are done. With the ability to hydro dip almost anything, you can add a blast of color to your items. This … Read more

Custom Silicone Wristbands for Camp

custom silicone wristbands for camp

Youth camps can benefit from using custom wristbands and more specifically silicone wristbands in a number of different ways. When having kids and teens at camp, these wristbands offer a cost-effective way to identify campers and even allows you to easily group them. Campers may receive bands for different age groups, staff vs guest roles, … Read more

EASY Crayon Art for Holy Week

holy week crayon art featured

The Holy Week is fast approaching and it is best to prepare our hearts, mind, and soul again with the teachings of the Lord during this time. For some people, Holy Week feels like a dark and sad time, but it is actually a beautiful process that shows how God delivered us from all our … Read more