A Complete Back To School Inspired Youth Camp Theme

When the summer draws to a close, it’s time to start thinking about heading back to school. A Back-to-School retreat can be a great way to get young people ready and excited about a new school year. Having a Back-to-School retreat can also be a fun activity to end the summer and give young people … Read more

Over the Ocean – Children’s Retreat Theme

over the ocean kids camp theme

Almost everyone loves a day at the beach. The warm sun, cool water, sand and seashells make the beach a special place for outdoor fun. This Over the Ocean children’s retreat theme is perfect for a beach retreat or just a day for youth to appreciate the beauty and wonder of the sea. God Made … Read more

Rainbow Promises – A Children’s Retreat Theme

rainbow promises childrens retreat theme

God makes many promises and He keeps them all. We can have great hope and joy in knowing that God never breaks a promise to us. This Rainbow Promises retreat theme will explore some of God’s promises to His children and the way He has kept them through the centuries. God Made a Promise Genesis … Read more

Secret Service Youth Camp Theme

secret service youth camp theme

As followers of Christ, we are called to serve others. Just as Jesus humbly served the people around Him we are expected to work and help others in need. We should do good deeds, but with the right attitude and intentions. Our work should never be about getting glory for ourselves, but instead, it should … Read more

Only ONE Direction: A Rocking Youth Camp Theme

The society of today’s world would like to have our young people believe that there are many ways to God. The common belief is that we’re all on different paths, but they ultimately lead to the same place. This (Only) One Direction retreat theme will explore this falsehood and show young people how it is … Read more

LEGO & Let God: A Prebuilt Youth Camp Theme

lego let god youth camp theme

have long been a fun and educational toy for kids off all ages. They can be used to build simple block structures or elaborate cityscapes. They are great for strengthening planning skills and fostering creativity. Using a Lego theme for a youth retreat can be a great way to teach kids about trusting God while … Read more