10 Leather Crafts for Men

leather crafts for men

Do-It-Yourself projects are almost always going to be a favorite among men. This type of activity gives a guy a chance to showcase what they do best, work with their hands and show new skills that they’ve learned. DIY leather crafts for men give a man something they can take home with them after a …

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DIY Woven Card Using Magazines

DIY Woven Cards

Growing up in a Christian family and community is one of the best blessings that one can pray for. Here, you have the chance to learn and develop a relationship with God, get to meet different wonderful people who also share learning experiences and insights. Through the Christian community, you’re more prepared with whatever life …

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6 Amazing Cross Crafts You MUST TRY!

amazing cross crafts

What everyone loves about crafting is it lets anyone create unique gifts with the use of materials they have on-hand. Crafts encourage imagination and community engagement while creating something new! For your next event, why not create the most popular Christian symbol; the cross? For this article, you’re in for few cross crafts that are …

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