10 Leather Crafts for Men

leather crafts for men

Do-It-Yourself projects are almost always going to be a favorite among men. This type of activity gives a guy a chance to showcase what they do best, work with their hands and show new skills that they’ve learned. DIY leather crafts for men give a man something they can take home with them after a … Read more

DIY Teacup Diorama for Ladies Easter Retreat

diy teacup diorama easter craft

Easter is just around the corner, and there will definitely be ladies retreats happening during this time to discuss God’s sacrifices and His coming back to life. A fun DIY Easter craft that the ladies can do during their retreat is a teacup diorama using succulents, cactus and small decorative pieces that the ladies can … Read more

How to Craft A Holy Family Nativity Set

simple diy nativity craft

It was a pleasant afternoon when I decided to clean my mom’s mini collection of Holy Family Nativity figurines. She has a few sets sitting around the house that we usually display during Christmas time. Looking at the different sizes and styles of the various Holy Family Nativity set decorations, I remembered why mom started … Read more

DIY Woven Card Using Magazines

DIY Woven Cards

Growing up in a Christian family and community is one of the best blessings that one can pray for. Here, you have the chance to learn and develop a relationship with God, get to meet different wonderful people who also share learning experiences and insights. Through the Christian community, you’re more prepared with whatever life … Read more

10 Best Felt Craft Ideas You Should Try Now!

best felt craft ideas

After all these felt craft ideas, I’m sure now you’ll start to appreciate felt as one of the best crafting materials! Felt is very versatile and the samples below are mostly beginner level with a few harder ones mixed in. However, with your unique creativity and interest, you can definitely take these 10 felt craft … Read more