9 Fun Games with Blindfolds

fun games with blindfolds

Whether it’s a group activity, team-building exercise, kid’s party, or youth camp, games are definitely one of the best ways to make any event entertaining!  But, why not spruce it up with these fun games with blindfolds?  Using blindfolds will heighten it up the notch and will make your event jump from entertaining to unforgettable. Here are … Read more

RIGHT/LEFT GAME – Uses for Fruitcake

right left gift game fruitcake

Most people aren’t fond of fruitcake, but everyone loves a good Christmas gift exchange game! For this game, have guests stand in a circle with their gifts in hand. Read the humorous story aloud putting emphasis on the words “RIGHT” and “LEFT.” When the word “RIGHT” is read, guests should pass their gifts to the … Read more