101 Questions for Couples

Questions for Couples

Being in a relationship is a never-ending learning experience. No matter if you have been a couple for a few weeks or four decades, there may be still some things you don’t know about your partner. Of course, these are not things they are hiding from you but just some things that just never came … Read more

Love Letters – A Valentine Left Right Game

Love Letters - A Valentine Left_Right Game

Love doesn’t always blossom right away. Use the following story based on love letters as a fun way to hand out gifts or door prizes over Valentine’s Day or even a Valentine’s Day marriage retreat. Each guest receives a gift and takes place in a circle. The story is read aloud with guests passing the … Read more

DIY Rescue Box Craft for Married Couples

how to make a rescue box for couples

There are times when things don’t seem to work out well for us in our marriages. We’re all busy with balancing the budget, doing daily chores and being productive at work that we often neglect our partner and relationship with God. Juggling all these tasks can be a burden sometimes, which often drags us down … Read more

3 Gift Ideas for Couples Attending A Marriage Retreat

gift ideas for couples retreat

Perhaps the most unique thing about planning a marriage retreat is that instead of merely benefiting the individual, you are trying to benefit two individuals in relation to one together. Every part of your retreat is meant to strengthen two people, drawing them closer to each other and to God. Read ahead to learn about 3 perfect … Read more

3 Reasons You Need to Attend a Marriage Retreat

reasons to attend marriage retreat

Have you ever been asked by your church or friends to attend a marriage retreat?  If you’ve contemplated attending a marriage retreat you usually fall in one of three categories: Yes! This is a chance to get away with my spouse and be kid-free! Meh, my marriage is fine, and I don’t want to spend … Read more