Alabaster Bible Review – Should You Buy It?

alabaster bible review

Alabaster Co is known for its creative way of integrating thoughtful design alongside visual imagery. The 4 Gospels as well as other popular books of the Bible are presented in full color, infused with faith, beauty, and creativity that allows the reader to have a beautiful reading experience. They guarantee you will get a beautiful … Read more

3 Best Devotionals For College Students

best devotionals for college students

Being a college student is fun and challenging all at the same time. It is fun because the experience will allow you to meet new people who may become your best friends for life. There is even a high possibility that you will meet the love of your life in college. However, the college years … Read more

10 Best Devotionals for Kids

best devotionals for kids

As a parent, it is your responsibility to teach your kids to live a Christ-centered life. You need to make it a top priority to remind your kids about the importance of making Godly decisions and placing Him at the center of their lives. As you know, young children are the ones who need extra … Read more

10 Best Devotionals for Teen Boys

best devotionals for teen boys

Do you find it difficult to maintain your faith and belief in God? Are you struggling with maintaining a close relationship with God? Is it a challenge to keep and maintain your Christian faith? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then maybe it is about time to take a break from your … Read more

10 Best Devotionals for Teen Girls

best devotionals for teen girls

God has a lot of things to say to teen girls. However, you need to seek His presence in your life so that you could stay on the right path and hear from Him. Don’t let temptations and weariness distract you from what’s right. Keep in mind that you are not alone on this Christian … Read more

10 Best Devotionals For Couples

best devotionals for couples

Keeping the marriage fire alive is not always an easy task to accomplish. For some, the longer you stay longer in the relationship, the more challenging it becomes. There will be changes in the ways you treat one another, in the priorities you keep and in the goals you want to achieve. However, this does … Read more