The Original Saran Wrap Ball Game

christmas saran wrap ball game

They say life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get. True as it may be, every day we’re opening a new chapter with an unknown kind of surprise that we’ll be facing. Just like the game that we’ll be discussing today! Imagine a saran wrap ball game with … Read more

Merry Christmitts Christmas Game

merry chistmitts christmas game

Christmas for most of us is the perfect time to spread generosity and sharing towards our neighbors, friends and of course to our family. This is why during these days, we usually hold family celebrations inviting everyone to have an amazing celebration that will be truly unforgettable. Every family has their different ways of celebrating … Read more

Christmas Scavenger Hunt – A MUST TRY!

christmas scavenger hunt

Do you want to lighten up the room with an exciting activity? Are your kids mostly busy with their gadgets instead of spending some quality time with siblings during the holiday season? Or are you just wanting to try something different this year to celebrate the festivities of Christmas? We have the answer to all … Read more

Christmas Word Scramble Game

christmas word scramble game

Before the festivities of Christmas, I’m sure that many parents are occupied with home decorating, gift wrapping and even menu planning.  The whole house has a feeling of excitement towards the upcoming Christmas celebration.  We love playing a Christmas Word Scramble game.  Do you? But, for little ones, their excitement may often switch to being bored … Read more

5 Fun Candy Cane Games

best candy cane games

With colder months just around the corner, it is just right to get ready with fun Christmas games that our family will enjoy playing. One iconic symbol that represents the season is the candy cane which aside from being a sweet treat that everyone loves, also represents Jesus Christ and the blood He shed for … Read more