A Loving Valentine’s Day Marriage Retreat Theme

valentines day marriage retreat theme

Valentine’s Day is often referred to as a Hallmark holiday, but it’s much more than that. It’s a celebration of romantic love and the belief that “love conquers all.” A Valentine’s Day couples retreat can be a wonderful way to share in that celebration and explore what it means to truly love one another. Topic … Read more

E-Harmony: A Marriage Retreat Theme for the Internet Age

The internet can be a useful tool for gathering information, keeping up with current events, and connecting with friends and relatives. However, it can lead people down paths that are dangerous to marriage relationships. Affairs and porn addiction are rampant in today’s “plugged-in” society. A marriage and internet retreat theme can help married couples avoid … Read more

4 Best Couples Retreat Themes for 2017

Best Couples Retreat Themes

Picking themes for individuals is hard – picking themes for a couples retreat, however, is even harder. There is something unique about pursuing God in marriage as opposed to pursuing God in singleness, and that needs to be reflected in your theme. Marriage, after all, is ultimately meant to glorify God. Here are 4 themes … Read more