2 Fun Introduction Games to Kickoff Your Retreat the Right Way

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You’ve planned the most amazing retreat ever. The only problem is people aren’t communicating as much as you’d like.

The solution!

Organize an exciting game where attendees can introduce themselves in a fun way.  Using one (or both) of the games below will serve as the perfect icebreaker for your next ladies, mens or youth retreat.

fun introduction games for retreat

1. Paper Ball Game (Snow Ball Game)

This fun and completely random way for everyone to introduce themselves combines the childhood eagerness of throwing paper balls while relieving the anticipation of having to think of something to say about yourself on the spot.

Here is the setup for everyone:

  • Get a sheet of paper.
  • Write down a completely random question (be creative).
  • Wad the paper up into a little ball
  • Throw it to a centralized location.
  • Starting with the host/leader, pick up a paper ball then state your name.  After your name, read the question and answer it.
  • Repeat until everyone has introduced themselves.

You may also add a general question that everyone would answer before answering the random one from the paper ball.

Learn more here: Paper Toss Introduciton Game

Random questions could include:

What is your favorite hobby?
Have you ever been outside of the country? If so, where?
What did you do two hours before coming to this retreat?

2. The Hot Seat Game

This active game is loads of fun, and you will learn more about the people playing than you ever thought possible. It can literally go on endlessly.

Here is the setup:

If 30 people are playing then 29 chairs are circled and the 30th person starts the game off with an introduction like this, “Hello my name is (Insert name), and (Insert Statement).”

Example: “Hello my name is Andy McClung, and I have a Twitter account.”

The people who relate to the statement have to jump up and claim a chair that isn’t their own.

In the case of the my example above, everyone with Twitter accounts (including me) would jump up and find a seat. The last person standing would then continue the cycle stating their name and a statement.

Introductory statements to use could include:

  • … and I own a dog
  • … and I attended the church retreat last year
  • … and I have a birthday in May
  • … and I wear pants (to make everyone get up and move)

My challenge for you

On our Facebook page, answer the following questions:

  • What other fun introduction games have you played at a retreat?
  • What would be your question for the Paper Ball Game?
  • What would be your statement for the Hot Seat Game?
2 Fun Retreat Icebreaker Games to Introduce Guests

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