2 Reasons You Should Always Leave A Thank You Message

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You just completed your Christian camp! It was amazing. To ensure that you leave a long lasting great impression on the Christian camp, consider leaving a personalized thank you message.

A thank you message makes all the difference in the world to the campgrounds who provide well maintained and clean facilities for your group to connect with each other and grow in God’s family.

2 Reasons You Should Always Leave A Thank You Message

On a personal note, I have been blessed to attend youth camps and adult retreats as well as work at a Christian retreat facility in KY. I cannot not stress how excited we are every time we walk into the common room and see a thank you message left behind from a ladies retreat, men’s retreat or any other retreat/camp for that matter! It makes us feel like the hard work and prayers we pour into your group week after week are completely worthwhile.

There are two main reasons you should always leave a thank you message behind for your Christian camp facility to read.

1. A thank you message is good for your people.

Thank you message

Picture this, at your final causal gathering you approach the attendees and mention that the Christian camp meeting was fantastic and the amazing accommodations helped provide a peaceful surrounding for you to truly experience God. Then say you would like to leave behind a thank you message for the Christian camp staff that helped make it possible.

Depending on the size of your group you may decide to get a large sheet of poster board or simply have a sheet of paper for everyone to sign with a brief message.

By having everyone write a little something it gives them a chance to reflect on there time at the Christian camp meeting and focus on what they liked best.

Before leaving the camp grounds the camp coordinator should read over it and take notes. He or she can learn exactly what the people who attended thought about the camp grounds and what each person took away from their time together.

2. A thank you message is good for the Christian camp staff.

thank you note

Let me let you in on a little secret. “People love being thanked for a job well done.” Think about the last time someone took the time to say, “thank you” or leave a thank you message the last time you did something at work.

How did it make you feel? I bet, like most people, it made you want to go above and beyond the next time you went to work or did a mundane task like vacuuming a floor or washing sheets. I know it does for us.

Don’t get me wrong, we would put the same amount of care into the Christian camp grounds as we would for anyone, but it is so much more fun when we have a thank you note in our pocket!

Commit to leaving a thank you message!

My challenge to you is to write a thank you message for your Christian camp facility at your next event. Let me know you have made this commitment by sharing this article. Don’t forget to sign up to receive fresh Christian Camp Pro content that will truly take your average camp to pro status.