3 Fun Camp Games with Water Balloons

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Summer camp is quite dull without the fun and excitement that you can experience with participating in various youth camp events. Shake-off that sweat by engaging yourself in a refreshing water balloon activity with your fellow youth campers.

While there could be many ways to make use of water balloons, playing these top-rated and fun camp games can guarantee you an unforgettable and exhilarating experience.

Top 3 fun camp games with water balloons:

3. Drop it like a Hot Potato

This game is very entertaining that involves a bit of physicality. Why? It is because you have to pass the water balloon to the person next to you when the background music starts.

Your group has to form a circle to pass the water balloon around, and once the music stops, the player who has the water balloon must break it on another player’s head to his or her left side.

Subsequently, the tagged player will be eliminated. The organizer may change the music from time to time to keep up with the pace and energy of the players.

2. Shoot that Water Balloon

This game is similar to playing darts but without dangerous sharp objects. So, you will need to create a target board. Make sure that each circle has its corresponding points.

The three water balloons will serve as the darts while the player has to target a certain section of the board to earn points. It’s time to take your darting skills to a different field and level, with water balloons this time, and try to beat your opponents!

Water Ballon Gear to get you started:

1. Dodge Ball, Water Balloon Style

This is one of my favorite fun camp games.  It’s a great way to show off your hidden athleticism by dodging all the water balloons coming on your way.

Players can run around the area, but once they have been tagged, they are out of the game already. The last man standing can only be considered the winner if the opponents have run out of water balloons.

Want a few fun camp games that don’t include water?  Try these fun balloon games.

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