3 Reasons Why You Should Encourage Social Media on Your Retreat

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Many retreat planners will tell you that a social media ban is the way to go, but the argument for social media is just as convincing. Contrary to popular belief, new technology isn’t always a bad thing in the realm of Christianity.

In fact, technology can actually enrich your retreat experience in ways you could never expect. So here are 3 reasons why you should encourage social media on your retreat:

3 Reasons Why You Should Encourage Social Media on Your Retreat

It Showcases the Experience

Retreats are a time when memories are made, relationships are built, and lives are changed forever. How could you keep such an awesome experience to yourself?

Social media is a great way to broadcast any of those aspects to the people in your life who are missing out. Maybe you have friends who are skeptical of retreats and need convincing.

Maybe you have family members who like to see and hear all about your experience so that they can share in your joy. No matter what the situation is, a retreat is something that should be shared, and social media can help you to do just that.

It Connects Retreat-Goers

How many times have you met a really cool person or made a good friend on a trip, and then gone home and never talked to them again? Social media makes it possible to stay connected with the people you’ve gotten acquainted with even long after the retreat.

It ensures that you’ll never forget the ones who made your experience so wonderful. Furthermore, as believers, we are called to build each other up in the faith and keep growing our friendships with one another.

In this journey called life, we need people who share our love for Christ to relate to, to challenge, and to keep us accountable. Some may argue that people can easily get in touch after the retreat, but they fail to consider this one simple fact: people forget.

If they’re not able to do it when it’s at the forefront of their minds, they won’t prioritize it when they are able.

It is Relevant to This Generation

Whether you want to believe it or not, social media is a huge, integral part of this generation. You can’t escape the impact that it has on everyone in our society, young or old. Trying to deny it is like saying “we still live in the Stone Age, and we’re proud of it.”

If there’s one thing that turns people away from Christian events, it’s that they expect boring, old tradition.

Churches who refuse to stay relevant and who lag “behind the times” have given Christianity a bad reputation. That doesn’t mean that we should adopt everything in today’s culture and forsake the fundamentals of what we believe.

Integrating social media is simply a powerful way to show that you can follow Jesus and live in the 21st century.

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