4 Fun and Dynamic Ice Breaker Games

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Getting comfortable with a new group of people can be a terrifying and uncomfortable situation with a sea of unfamiliar faces and a head filled with strange names.

To try and limit the awkwardness at camp so everybody starts having fun, make sure you give these 4 fun ice breakers a go.

fun ice breaker games

1. Crocodile Race

To play Crocodile Race, gather everybody and form teams comprised of 4-10 players each. In every team, a leader should be elected.

This leader should be placed at the front of a line with all of the other players standing behind him or her. Every person should place their hands on the shoulders of the person in front of them and then crouch down.

These human queues are the “crocodiles”. Have a person yell start and each team or crocodile should race to a point in the distance and back again. The first team who finishes the race wins the game.

2. Group Knot

To get tangled with this fun ice breaker activity, gather your entire group and form a circle. Everyone should be facing inwards with their hands placed in the middle.

Once this is done, everyone should grasp or hold a random hand.

As soon as everyone is appropriately tangled, the game starts when the group has to start to disentangle this jumble of limbs.

3. Clump

To start this ice breaker activity, get everyone to spread out. The group should be as widely spread as possible, and nobody should be able to touch another participant, even with their arms fully extended.

Elect a leader who will call out “clump of” [random number]. For example, if the leader called out “clump of four” then everyone will have to scramble to get into groups or clumps of four.

The people left out of the clumps are out. The game is finished when there are only two people left and this duo wins the round.

4. Fifty Yard Scream

Fifty Yard Scream is a fun ice breaker that relies on physical fitness. To start playing, line everybody up horizontally along the edge of a large field or area.

Select a leader who is responsible to yell out “go” or “start” to start the race. Once “go” has been yelled out, everyone should run straight ahead while screaming. Any player who runs out of breath should stop.

The person who goes the farthest distance wins the round. Players can have fun with this game and try to beat the farthest distance scored with each new round.