4 Fun Outdoor Activities for Teens At Summer Camp

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How teenagers spend their summer vacations will often contribute to memories that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

For teens that have the opportunity to attend a Christian summer camp, it gives them the opportunity to bond with other teenagers their age, and in some cases build the foundations for life-long friendships.

Part of the fun of summer camp is partaking in exciting outdoor activities. Instead of playing the same old games of tug of war and kickball, here are a few age-appropriate activities for teens at summer camp.


1. Crab Soccer

Forget about a regular game of soccer and switch things up with a game of crab soccer. In this game, goals are set up at opposite ends of the outdoor field.

Then, one person is to be designated as the umpire, and everyone is split up into two teams, with each team member being given a number.

A soccer ball is placed in the middle of the field and when the umpire calls a number, the person whose number is called from each team must then crabwalk to the soccer ball and attempt to kick the ball into the goal.

Whoever successfully kicks the ball into their goal wins a point and both players return to their spots so the next pair can take their turn. To make the game more interesting, two numbers can be called at once.

2. Drop the Lid

Drop the lid is one of those outdoor activities that can lead to lots of giggles because of the slight similarity to many childhood games. Everyone is to sit in a circle, while one person stands in the middle of the circle, holding a lid.

The person in inside of the circle is to start walking around the circle, grabbing the hand of another person. The person’s hand that is grabbed is to then grab someone else’s hand, and so on until the person with the lid drops it.

When the lid drops, everyone standing has to run to a seat or designated area. Whoever ends up without a seat or is last to the designated area must grab the lid and start the game again.

3. Dress Up

Dressing up is not just for young children, teens can do it too with a twist. For this outdoor activity, the group can decide a theme that they want to dress as.

It can be anything from a decade-based theme, luau theme, or Bible-based theme. After everyone is dressed, head outside and have a party while staying in character for a nighttime party around a campfire.

4. Shave the Balloon

Shaving the balloon is one of those outdoor activities that can be a little messy, but is a lot of fun too. Here you need to select 3 or 4 people to compete against each other, and then be given the task to shave a balloon covered in shaving cream.

Although it may seem easy, one little nick of the razor will cause the balloon to pop, sending shaving cream everywhere. The first person to successfully shave their balloon wins!

Caution: This game requires sharp objects. Make sure you have qualified staff on hand to assist. You may consider buying safety razors and a cheap pair of leather gloves.

Try these outdoor activities for a fun and exciting time for teens at summer camp.