4 Very Common Misconceptions about Men’s Retreats

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Men’s retreats are the ultimate proof that no matter how old you get, you’re never too old to have fun. They prove that the amount of gray in your hair does not have to dictate your amount of enthusiasm for following Christ. They allow you to get away from your everyday routine to experience God in a new, exciting way.

You will build lifelong friendships with guys just like you. The memories that you make along the way can never be erased. So why do men’s retreats often get such a bad rap from people who have never even experienced them? There are a plethora of assumptions that simply aren’t true. Here are some of them.

1. Men’s retreats are too spiritual. I’d rather go on my own trip and skip the cut and dry routine.

The point of retreats is that they’re meant to eliminate the cut and dry routine. If the purpose was the drill the Bible into your brain, it would be called seminary school. Of course, you will learn a great deal about God and what it means to live like Jesus. You will likely encounter the Word of God on a daily basis. But you certainly won’t be bored to tears; in fact, you’ll likely have so much fun that you’ll come home immediately wanting to go back.

2. Men’s retreats are a waste of time.

Time- it’s something we all value. All of us are always busy in some way, and sometimes it can be hard to take a break and just live. The thing about being busy is that if you work too much and too long, you’ll start to hate the work you’re doing. Men’s retreats will teach you to rejoice in your work, because you can do anything to the glory of God. Retreats may not add time to your life, but they may just help you to see how precious each moment is.

3. Men’s retreats are too personal. My sin is my own business.

Your sin is between you and God. If you go on a men’s retreat, you won’t be expected to confess at an altar before a priest. You won’t be pressured into sharing all your deepest secrets with guys you barely know. Retreats are mainly about strengthening the private, intimate relationship between you and God and no one else.

4. Men’s retreats are too expensive.

Everything costs money. The wise thing to do is to decide which things are worth spending money on. Men’s retreats are big events; that’s why they cost money. Without it, they could not function to benefit you. Who can put a price tag on a memory? How can you measure the worth of a newfound fire for Christ? Experiences are far more valuable than things. And if you leave your financial worries to God, He will provide. Maybe not in the way you expect Him to, but he will provide; He always does.