5 Advantages To Working At A Christian Youth Camp

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There are so many advantages to working at a Christian Youth Camp, and while there may be struggles as well, the benefits far outweigh the negatives.

5 advantages to working at a christian youth campMany Areas to Serve

There are usually many different types of positions for one to be involved in. Some camps have counselors who stay in the cabins with the campers and then spend their days doing activities with the campers.

There are also positions to do more with teaching the Bible during chapel services. There are different age ranges of campers as well, and often a counselor will be placed with the age range he or she is most comfortable with.

Making A Difference

Counselors get the opportunity to mentor, give advice, and see young lives changed. It is very rewarding! Counselors are able to make a difference in campers’ lives. Sometimes, campers have difficult home lives and are really struggling. Counselors can be there to pray with and encourage campers in these situations.

Make Extra Money

Some camps actually pay their counselors. This is great for college students who are looking for summer work. Room and board is typically free, so a college student would be able to make some money and not have to worry about housing costs etc.

A Way to Make Christian Friends

Counselors tend to bond with one another and form lifetime friendships. There’s something about the long, hot days, working with (sometimes) troubled teens, and fighting off mosquitoes and ants that just makes you want to commiserate with one another.

Limitless Activities

Counselors get the opportunity to participate in many different activities – water games, go-carts, riding bikes, etc. This is a great chance for those who have an adventurous side.

Generally, a person working at a camp can expect to spend much of their time outdoors. This, for many, is a great advantage. And for those who don’t enjoy being outdoors, there may be other opportunities at a camp that they would be better suited for.

Working at a Christian youth camp can be a very rewarding experience. As long as a person goes into it with an open mind and a willing heart, it can be one of the most memorable times in one’s life.