5 Areas to Focus on with Teenagers at Church Camp

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In a world of pressure, and many voices, teenagers face challenges like never before. Temptation and ideas seem to be everywhere, and it can be hard to decipher growing up as a teen. They face peer pressure at school and many days feel like their world is crashing in. With all these different voices, they can be left clueless and confused. Most teenagers just want to get away and have time to think! This brings great opportunity to church camps, but it also brings responsibility.

What message will you portray to your teenagers this summer?
How will you reassure them in what they believe?

Consider the following focus areas:

1. Love

Show them what real love is. Be your best example and be quick to listen.

2. Hope

That hope is alive and that it lives within you. Let it shine bright, and show that no matter what, we have hope.

3. Conviction

Let them know that standing up for what you believe is important and not to be taken lightly.

4. Purpose

God has given us all purpose and talents so that we can use those to help our neighbor. We are to hold on to these promises and realize it is a gift. Many times we will feel worthless and discouraged, but we are still to hold on to faith and that there is a plan for us. Let them know we all feel like that sometimes, but not to let it stop us from ultimately fulfilling for which we were called.

5. Success

Show your teenagers their strengths and how they can improve. That most of all, they do have potential. Be observant and show them exactly what true success is. This could help them find themselves quicker, which will save a lot of pain.

Gain perspective from these 5 focus areas and realize you could be training a young pastor, entrepreneur, mayor or public figure who will change his/her community for the good. Take this opportunity seriously and change a life, be the example they will never forget! You may help that one youth who isn’t interested in camp, like mentioned in “That’s the deal”, and change their life forever. Just be ready and full of prayer.

So, how will you take this opportunity to change a life?

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