5 Edible Experiments to Help You Introduce God to Your Little Ones!

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For parents, one of the most important gifts that you can share with your kids is a stable relationship with God. But, have you ever had a difficult time getting your child to sit through a lesson? What about staying focused on just one task at a time?

Edible Experiments to Help You Introduce God

Introducing them to God can be challenging or downright hard for some because little kids are easily distracted.  It can be hard to get their attention.

Good news parents! You can start teaching your little ones about God using easy, fun and even edible experiments!

With the following edible science experiments, you’ll definitely be able to help them ignite a relationship with God. And to make it easier for your kids to establish their spiritual wisdom, we’ve listed a Spiritual truth that relates to each experiment.

1. God loves everyone – M&M color edible experiment

You’ll need: M&Ms, white plate, and water

Procedures: Place each M&M around the plate, making sure that the colors are alternately placed. Now pour the water in the middle until it reached the jelly beans.

Wait for a few seconds and you’ll see that the color of the M&Ms will spread to the middle making an amazing rainbow design

The explanation: The M&Ms represents us, human beings. We may have different characteristic, skin color, height, age, name or beliefs but God loves us nonetheless.

The water represents God’s love which means that despite our differences, God will love us no matter what and through Him we will be able to share the same love to our neighbors. 

2. God is our strength– Gumdrop structures

You’ll need: gumdrops, toothpicks

Procedures: Build your desired structure or shape using toothpicks to connect each gumdrop together.

The explanation: We are represented by the gumdrops, while the toothpick is the relationship that we have with God. Building a structure shows that we can start building our dreams and goal through the help of God.

He acts as our strong foundation that allows us to build ourselves. On our own, we will stumble and fall. But with God, He will guide and help us along the way.

3. God never changes –  Edible play dough

You’ll need: marshmallows, flour, shortening

Procedures: Microwave the marshmallows, 4 tbsp flour, and 1tbsp shortening. Stir until it is cool enough to handle. Knead and add more flour if it is still sticky. Enjoy and play with it.

The explanation: Form various shapes using the edible playdough and talk about how God never changes even if we as humans like the playdough constantly change. God is the same yesterday, today and forever in this ever-changing world.

4. God keeps His promises – rock candy

You’ll need: sugar, water, flavoring, food coloring

Procedures: Measure 3 parts sugar and 1 part water. Now mix equal amounts of sugar and water in a saucepan and heat until the sugar dissolves.

Slowly add the rest of the sugar until it can no longer dissolve the sugar and is a bit cloudy. Leave to cool. Grab your sticks dip in clean water and roll in sugar, let it dry.

Once the syrup is cool, transfer to a jar or glass and add your flavoring or coloring. Now dip the sugared stick to the syrup making sure that it won’t touch the sides and bottom of the jar.

Leave for a week until it forms sugar rocks. You can remove it after a week and dry or let it stay there until you reach the desired size.

The explanation: Imagine yourself as the stick. Once you’re submerged in faith in God, you’ll see clearly that He’s fulfilling all His promises to you and your family.

The more you keep a good relationship with God, the more He’ll bless you just like the rock candy. It grows the longer it stays submerged to the syrup.

Having a constant faith and trust towards God, you’re becoming a blessing to others and an instrument of God who can help others. He doesn’t only keep His promises to you but also to others by using you as His instrument to bring the sweetness of life to others.

5. God loves it when we give praise to him – Dancing Raisins

You’ll need: raisins, clear glass, and carbonated water

Procedures: Fill the cup with carbonated water and drop a few pieces of raisins in it. Watch it closely as the raisins will dance within a few seconds due to its reaction with the carbon dioxide in the water.

The explanation: Just like the raisins, we should practice singing, dancing and praising God. It’s an overwhelming experience when we’ll really be able to feel the presence of God.

Spending time to give thanks to Him will not only make God happy but will also help you develop a more thankful heart.