55 Affordable Gift Table Ideas For Your Next Ladies Retreat

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affordable gift table ideas ladies retreat

Everyone loves to get a gift, so what better way could there be to end a successful women’s retreat than with a nice giveaway? A parting gift for attendees is a wonderful way to not only say thank you, but to remind your guests of the fun they had. Gifts don’t have to be large or expensive. In fact, some of the most appreciated gifts are small, useful items that a woman might not purchase for herself.

Here is list of 55 affordable gift table ideas to get you started:

1. Coasters
2. Bath beads
3. Tea towels
4. Coupon booklet
5. Mini tool kit
6. Bottle opener or cork screw
7. Calendar
8. Incense
9. Candle
10. Mouse pad
11. Magnets
12. Journal
13. Paperweight
14. Keychain
15. $5 gift card for coffee shops or iTunes
16. Address book
17. CD mix of music from the event
18. Flashlight
19. Nail polish
20. Hot drink mix (coffee, tea, hot chocolate)
21. Stationary or note cards
22. Coffee mug
23. Water bottle
24. Pencils and/or pens
25. Handkerchief
26. Potpourri
27. Scarf
28. Seed packets
29. Canvas bag or reusable grocery bag
30. Business card holder
31. Microfiber cloth
32. Hand lotion
33. Lip gloss or lip balm
34. Mini photo frame
35. Mirror compact
36. Bookmark
37. Ear bud headphones
38. Coin purse
39. Shopping or to-do list pad
40. Letter opener
41. Mini manicure set
42. Candies
43. Recipe cards
44. Magazine
45. Bangle bracelet
46. Cookie cutters
47. Day planner
48. Mini book light
49. Sleep mask
50. Trinket box
51. Mini emergency kit
52. Purse hanger
53. Mini perfume
54. Pedometer
55. Washi tape

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