6 Things to Discuss with Your Event Speaker Beforehand

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For you to successfully organize a Christian event that would be inspiring, impactful and life-changing, it is very important your logistics and planning are Spirit inspired and impeccable. The Word of God says everything should be done decently and in order, 1 Corinthians 14:40.

Things to Discuss with Your Event Speaker Beforehand

Similar Views

Among the things that must be in place for you to have a successful event is to have qualified Speaker. Qualification here means that the speaker must be a person who shares your views and doctrines. All Christians do not share the same doctrines and as such your keynote speaker must be the person that share your doctrines and beliefs.

So if you are not sure of the doctrinal views of your prospective speaker, do well to discuss with him and find a common ground if you must use him.

Event Goals

Another thing that you must discuss with your speaker is the goals you want to achieve with the retreat or event. This will help your speaker align with you to achieve the goals.

While you discuss with your speaker, you must be open to suggestions and views he might bring to the fore because of his wealth of experience.

Topic or Theme

Next would be the topic you want him to speak on and whether you want him to speak as a keynote speaker to the whole gathering that is at plenary or to facilitate the workshop session. It would be wrong to schedule a speaker for a plenary session but later draft him as a facilitator in the workshop session.

However, if you want him to be the keynote speaker and also facilitate the workshop, it would be nice you two have that agreement beforehand.

Speaker Fees

Yet another very important issue to discuss with your prospective speaker before the event is the fees. How much does the speaker you are inviting charge? What is the payment mode? Is the accommodation and traveling expenses included in the fee?

Should the speaker print materials for the audience and if so who bears the cost? If the speaker comes with an assistant, who pays him/her? All these questions and more should be thoroughly discussed before the event and agreement reached.


Also, there should be agreement on whether the event should be recorded and if so, will the recording be sold? Who owns the intellectual property right? How would the proceeds be shared?


The other important things you should discuss with your speaker is the demographic of the audience. Are they youths, married, women, or mixed age group?

He should also know if there would be other speakers and the duration he is to speak. If he is to entertain questions, make recommendations, and if he can give out his contacts to the audience.

It will not be out of place to discuss the type of venue, the sound and visual aid systems and the number of people he would be speaking to at the event.

Where there are discrepancies during the discussion, they should be revisited again and a concrete agreement reached. This would help both parties to prepare for the event and to achieve all the goals set.