7 Quick and Easy Games Compilation

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When you’re short on time, play some fun, quick and easy games! These beat sitting around waiting for something fun to do.  So, here is the list of some of the best quick and easy games compilations:

quick and easy games

All in Grandma’s Attic

In this quick and easy game, the first player will say something that starts with “A” that they found in their grandmother’s attic.  

The player who goes next will repeat the first person’s phrase and name a different thing that starts with B.  This will continue until the letter Z.

Word Recycling

This game requires groups of 5 people who have paper and a pencil.  A word will be shouted out that has 4 letters or more.  

Then the teams will write the word in a vertical line down the left side of the page and on the opposite side of the page they will write is backward, vertically.  Then they will fill in the letters between to make new words.

Made you look!

In this game, the teams stand in a circle with their heads down.  After the mediator counts to 3, everyone will look up and pick only one person to stare at.  

If they pick the same person, they will shout and jump out of the circle.  This will happen until there are only 3 more people left.

Fish out of Water

In this game, everyone will act like a dead fish and act as “lifeless” as possible.   Anyone who moves or giggles is “out.”

Designated Strike Out

In this game, one person is chosen to be “it”, and they will sit with their eyes closed.  While the rest of the group goes to stand in separate parts of the room, the person who is it will call out one part of the room to sit.  

If those who were called in that section of the room don’t sit down, they are then “out”.   This will keep going until only 6 people are left and then the last person standing in a corner becomes “it”.

Falling Frogs

Here, everyone will sit in a circle.  One person will shout “one frog”, the next one will say “2 eyes”, the third will say “4 legs”, and then the fourth person says “plop”.  The game starts over with 2 frogs, and all of the parts are now doubled or tripled as the game goes on.

Guess That Word

In this game, one person will sit down facing the rest of the participants in the guessing chair.  The mediator will write a word on a sheet of paper, and they will let everyone else see it except the person who is in the guessing chair.  

The participants have to give clues to the person in the guessing chair to guess the answer.

Brain Timer

This game begins by telling the group that a minute will be timed on a watch.  The participants will raise their hands when they think the minute was up.  The person who raised their hand the closest to the time is the winner.