7 Quick Rainy Day Games for Indoors

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Rainy days can be devastating when you had a whole bunch of great outdoor games to play, but don’t worry, there are many fun rainy day games and competitions that you can play inside. Games like Message Disturbance, Flimbo, and Balloon Hoops, are just some of the great games that are sure to make you forget all about the rain outside!

Time flies while you’re having fun, so don’t let the weather get you down! Here are some fantastically fun rainy day games to play indoors:

indoor rainy day games

Balloon Hoops

This game consists of 6 people teams and is great fun for days spent indoors. The teams will face each other and will sit 7 feet apart between their team members.

One person at the end of the line will use their arms to create a hoop. While the players must stay seated in a chair, the aim of the game is to quickly pass a balloon down the line to each player without lifting up from the chair.

The goal is to reach the hoop, and the fastest team wins! If anyone gets up from the chair the balloon must start back from the beginning.

Who is it?

Just like in the game ‘guess who’, two teams will stand with a row of chairs behind them. One person from each team is picked and a judge or mediator will write these names down.

Then the teams get turns to ask questions to figure out who the two chosen ones are. They will ask questions like “is the person a girl?” or “do they have black hair?”

The people who don’t match the descriptions will sit until the correct answer is revealed. The game will start again after the winning team gets a point.

Message Disturbance

Three teams will begin lined up in three separate rows facing each other in a parallel fashion. The aim of this game is for one team to try and send a message to the team across from the middle team, while the middle team tries to ruin the message by making other noises. If the other team gets the message, they get a point; if they can’t get the message the middle team gets a point.


This game is played like traditional Limbo, except the limbo line is a flashlight and all the lights must be off. One person will hold a flashlight and keeps it straight, aiming the light towards a wall.

Every player will take a turn going under the limbo line, and the light beam is lowered each round. The person who makes it to the lowest beam level wins!

Guess it Chief

This game is played in a circle, and one person in the circle has to leave the room. The players then choose one person to be the village chief.

The chief then performs specific movements like snapping, stomping the ground, clapping, or whistling, and the other players will match these actions. The person who left the circle, in the beginning, will come back in and try to guess who the chief is by figuring out who everyone is copying.

Bingo Crayon Hunt

This game is just bingo with more color! First, someone will make a bingo sheet and hide the crayons used to color the sheet around the room.

The players will search out the crayons to color the areas on the bingo sheet of that color when they find it.

Who Disappeared?

This is one of my favorite rainy day games because it is so incredibly easy to set up.  In short, the whole group will close their eyes and lower their heads.

One of the members will be quietly removed from the group. The winner is the one who can figure out who is missing.

indoor rainy day games