9 Fun Games with Blindfolds

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Whether it’s a group activity, team-building exercise, kid’s party, or youth camp, games are definitely one of the best ways to make any event entertaining!  But, why not spruce it up with these fun games with blindfolds?  Using blindfolds will heighten it up the notch and will make your event jump from entertaining to unforgettable.

Here are 9 fun games with blindfolds to get your challenging and enjoyable party started

fun games with blindfolds

Get that ball

How to play: Prepare the playing area by scattering soda cans. Place small balls in a pail and put it at the other end of the soda cans. The other empty pail will be placed at the starting area.

Players will have to cross the area blindfolded without knocking off any soda cans, then he or she will grab a ball and will run back to the start area to place the ball onto the empty pail. The next player will cross the cans.

The team with most balls collected wins the game. It is recommended to have a team coach to help guide the blindfolded player through the soda can field.

Equipment: Used soda cans, blindfolds, 2 pails, small plastic balls

Pop the balloon

How to play: Fill each balloon with water and tie to secure. Now scatter each balloon in a designated playing field. The balloons should be roughly 3-5 feet apart.

Each player will be blindfolded during their turn and will have to stand in the starting area, a few feet away from the balloons. Players will take turns to see who can pop the most balloons. If you have a large number of water balloons, you may consider making this a team game.

Equipment: water balloons and a foam bat

Beat the course

How to play: Prepare the game area by randomly setting up an obstacle course on the floor. Now the players will line up at the other end and will be blindfolded.

To make things interesting, spin the players in a circle for a few times to make them dizzy. The goal is to successfully cross the area without stepping onto any object.

The team with the most players to cross without stepping on anything will win.

Equipment: blindfolds, string, cones, hula hoops, (small random objects safe to step on)

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Shoot that ball

How to play: This game with a blindfold is very easy to set up and challenging to play. All you have to do to prepare is place an empty basket about 5-10 feet from the blindfolded players.

Each player will hold a bag of colored or marked balls and should shoot the balls into the basket while on blindfolded. Whoever gets the most balls in the basket wins the game.

Equipment: plastic basket, plastic balls, blindfolds, bag for each player

Cat and Mouse

How to play: The group will form a big circle. Now select 2 people who will act as the mouse and the cat. They will be blindfolded and placed inside the circle apart from each other.

They will then alternately move one step at a time while stating whether they are the cat or the mouse. The group can either assist the cat by saying which step to take or make the game last longer by giving false directions.

Once the mouse is caught, another set of people will become the cat and mouse.

Equipment: cute animal blindfolds

Catch the shadow

How to play: The group will form a big circle and assign one person to act as the shadow. Now each person in the circle will have to put a blindfold on. The shadow will have to walk carefully outside the circle, walking around each person.

The shadow will stand behind one person for 3 seconds. Each player in the circle will have to anticipate if the shadow is standing behind them.

If they felt that the shadow is behind them, they will have to shout “I’ve caught the shadow”. If that person successfully catches the shadow standing behind him/her then they win. If no one catches the shadow, then the shadow wins.

Equipment: batch of black blindfolds

Feed a friend

How to play: This fun blindfolded game can be quite tasty as one player will just have to sit and wait to be fed. The challenge though is their partner is blindfolded while feeding their teammate. The first pair to finish the bottled baby food will win this eating contest. You can add extra humor to this game by dressing the person being fed up as a baby.

Equipment: Soft baby spoons, bottled baby food, blindfolds, chairs

Candy Drop

How to play: One player must lay on the floor with an ice cream cone on their mouth. Now their partners will stand behind them and will drop candies one by one with blindfolds. Team with most candies on their ice cream cone wins.

Equipment: ice cream cones, Small candies or chocolates, goggles

Lipstick challenge

How to play: Ready your artistic side with this makeup wielding silly blindfold game. Each pair will face each other while holding a lipstick. They will not be able to see each other. Now the players will have to put lipstick onto their partner’s lips. With the help of few judges, the pair with best lipstick applications wins this challenge.

Equipment: cheap blindfolds, cheap lipstick pack

These 9 fun games with blindfolds are very easy to set up and fun to play. Some are new while others are upgraded versions of our favorite games.

Keep in mind that blindfolding others can be risky as well, so make sure to allow a big space to the mentioned games and remove any hazardous items around the area. Be safe and have a blast with these amazing games with blindfolds!

What about some funny blindfolds to go along with your game?

Here is a list of some of the funniest blindfolds online that will go perfectly with your next game. They are guaranteed to get a laugh and are hilarious to wear.

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