Artza Box Review: Should you subscribe to these Holy Land products?

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I was so excited when I found out about Artza, a subscription box that sends you Israeli-made gifts every three months! I love getting packages in the mail and this one did not disappoint. But, is it right for you? Let’s dive in!

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artza box

I want to start by saying that I’ve received my Artza Box in the mail for free for an unbiased review. I have given away all my subscription boxes to lucky email subscribers so be sure to sign up for future giveaways! These views are my own and are not edited in any way by the team at Artza. This section of the post was updated on August 5, 2023 when I received my fourth Artza box subscription.

What is Artza?

In Hebrew, Artza simply means “towards the land”.  The team behind Artza, strives to give you a true Holy Land authentic experience through their quarterly subscription box service.  Their focus takes you on a journey while directly supporting the finest Artisans in Isreal. 

Who is Artza Box for?

The easiest answer is anyone!  It makes the perfect gift for yourself, a friend, someone needing a gentle reminder of their homeland, ministry teams, Sunday school teachers, etc.  I think it would be an ideal gift for pastors from their church.

One thing I really like about Artza box is that it comes with so many items that you can keep some for yourself and give the others as gifts to others.  It’s the perfect win/win.

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What is in the Jezreel Valley Artza Box?

Jezreel Valley is known for its fertile plains. The name Jezreel Valley means, “God sows.” It is located on the south side of Galilee and is named after an ancient city that used to thrive here.

The Jezreel Valley Box includes these amazing Isralie items:

Jezreel Valley Aztra Box

A Handmade Jezreel Valley Clay Cup

Jezreel Valley Clay Cup

Cocoa Date Balls with Almond Butter (so good!)

Jezreel Valley Chocolate Dates

Artistic Cloth

Jazreel Valley Cloth

This beautifully stitched cloth from a local artist has “Shalom Aleichem” embroidered on it which means, “peace to you.”

Local Jam, Spices, and Body Lotion

I can’t get over how good this jam is, and the spices were a dinner delight! I ordered another sampling for Christmas gifts! That’s the beauty of these Aztra boxes. You receive a plethora of items that make perfect gifts too!

An eye pillow that relaxes!

Jezreel Eye Pillow

These smell good and feel good! The combination is both relaxing and restorative! I used these for a moment of reflection and another time when I had a headache.

A unique lamp map

Jezreel Lamp Map

This is one of the most unique map ideas I’ve ever seen. You wrap it around a tall stemmed glass and place a tea candle in it. I used an electric tea candle like this one for safety reasons. It illuminates the map and makes for a good conversation piece.

What is in the Carmel Region Artza Box?

Inside was a well-packaged selection of products from the Carmel region of Israel. Mount Carmel spans for miles along Israel’s Mediterranean Coastline between Hadera and Haifa.

The well-packaged Aztra Box Carmel Region box includes:

Artza Carmel Box All Items

Artistic hand-painted scripture saucer

Artza Carmel Box Plate

Pomegranate, Olive, Grape Body Lotion

Artza Carmel Box Body Lotion

Israeli Wood and Lazer Engraved Cutting Board

Cocoa Tahini Spread – Perfect for toast!

Artza Carmel Box spread

The Land of Israel Necklace

Artza Carmel Box Necklace

This gorgeous silver necklace contains layers of genuine sand and earth collected from all over the divinely blessed land of Israel. Take the Holy Land with you wherever you go.

Coconut Coated Hazelnuts – Yum!

Artza Box Hazelnuts

Carmel Mountain Herbal Mix

Artza Box Herbal Mix

Bring your next dish to life in a truly unique and spiritual way with these herbs. It’s sure to offer a taste that will leave your guests wanting more.

Stunning Metal Artwork by Yair Emanuel

Artza Box Metal Art

What is in the NEGEV Artza Box?

Inside was a well-packaged selection of products from Israel. These included:

Dukkah Spice Mix

This is a unique mixture of nuts, herbs, and spices usually used for dipping bread.

Dany & Galit’s Super Berry Granola

I am a HUGE fan of granola and this one almost didn’t make the giveaway. It is vegan and dairy-free, with no added sugars, and no artificial sweeteners. Basically, all the good stuff! I use granola in my yogurt every morning and it’s a great way to start the day.

Handmade Ceramic with Olive Leave Pattern

This is a very special ceramic because each one is made by a disabled resident of Adi as part of their rehabilitation. Adi is a community settlement in northern Israel mentioned in Joshua 19:25.

An Olive Wood Cross

A beautiful cross that you can carry with you. I’ve carried a small cross similar to this with me for the last 25 years!

Arugot Green Clay & Lamineria Facial Mask

I’m not going to lie, I don’t use face masks often as a 40-year-old guy, but I do know that a lot of people use them! What is fascinating to me about this mask though is that it is made from plants grown in Israel near the Gaza River!

A Zuak Moroccan Tile

Painting brings peace and relaxation. There is something tranquil about it. Zuak is a Moroccan art studio located in the Negev Desert of Israel. Their kit shows you exactly how to create a beautiful piece of tile artwork for yourself.

Connecting Hearts “ice-breaker” game.

Connecting Hearts is a game that focuses on including everyone! If you know me, you know I love a good ice-breaker game! With its wide selection of unique questions/conversation starters, this one does not disappoint.

Negev Information

Like all Aztra boxes, they do a great job putting together the finest products and information from specific regions of Israel and bringing them to you. If you’ve ever wanted a small piece of Israel in your home, this is the box for you!

What is in the Golan Heights Artza Box?

Okay!  Let’s dive right in and open this thing up!  The box I received is the Golan Heights “Place of Peace” box that you would expect to get when subscribing to their standard plan.

What’s in the box quick list:

  • Metal Artwork by Yair Emanuel
  • “Golan Dew” scented wax candle
  • Rose Burak: Sumac
  • Delicious Israeli chocolates
  • Gaya’s Tangram
  • Clay oil lamp and filler set
  • Shalva Tea
  • 2 Postcards
  • A beautiful information packet about the box

Metal Artwork by Yair Emanuel

Metal Artwork by Yair Emanuel

Yair Emanuel shares one of my favorite items which is a laser-cut hand-painted tree.  This is a refreshing art piece for your desk, table, or counter area!  Yair lives and works as an artist in Jerusalem.

“Golan Dew” Scented Wax Candle

Golan Dew Scented Wax Candle

Okay, here is a little-known fact about me.  I love candles!  If anyone ever asks me what I want, it is usually a candle.  I choose a new one each month to burn in our home.  The “Golan Dew” wax candle did not disappoint.  It smelled great!

Rose Burak: Sumac

Rose Burak Sumac

Rose Burak offers recipes and inspiration on her website.  Through her incorporation of sumac, she offers a delicious Suman Roast Chicken recipe that has bold and exotic flavors.

Delicious Israeli Chocolates

Delicious Israeli chocolates

These were going to be included in the giveaway, but once I opened the package my entire family ate them all.  That pretty much says it all!  These chocolates are too good to leave unattended!  They are from De Karina which is a luxury chocolate boutique in Israel’s pristine Golan Heights.

Gaya’s Tangram

Gayas Tangram

Gaya specializes in puzzles and the art of thinking.  This is a simple puzzle/match style set that is relaxing as you follow cards to create and solve.

Clay Oil Lamp and Filler Set

Clay oil lamp and filler set

I had fun with this one.  I’ll admit that I had no idea or had ever seen a clay oil lamp like this.  I had to look up a video on how to ignite it correctly. 

How do you light a clay oil lamp?  Insert the wick with just a little sticking out the front.  Pour in Olive oil or your oil of choice. Light the wick for 10 seconds.  Enjoy!

Not only is this a great piece, it includes a pamphlet about the parable of the wise virgins so you can use it as a lesson as well.

Shalva Tea

Shalva Tea

Shalva Tea claims to have the finest herbal tea in Israel.  It’s a bold statement backed up by a flavorful blend.  I brewed myself a cup and enjoyed it during some quiet time.  After all, “shalva” is Hebrew for tranquility and calmness.  This tea is Koser with 100% natural ingredients.

2 Postcards & A beautiful information packet about the box

artza packet

Two postcards from Golan Heights that you can either keep for yourself or mail to someone you know.  The box also includes information on Golan Heights and the Israeli Artisians featured in the Artza box.

Final Thoughts

This is the perfect way to feel connected to Israel and support Israeli Artisans. The gifts are always beautiful and unique.  I was really impressed with the quality products and hand-made items. I can’t wait to see what’s in the next box!

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artza box review