Attending Youth Camp Can Be a Disaster If You Forget These 4 Things

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Youth camp is truly an unforgettable experience. It is a time to escape the noise of the world and simply enjoy the presence of God and fellow believers. From the energizing sermons to the unique, unpredictable activities that challenge you every day, you are bound to enjoy every second of it.

But though worshipping God and enjoying fellowship requires nothing but the clothes on your back, there are some items that you do not want to leave at home:

Your Bible

The whole purpose of youth camp is to connect you with God, right? One of the most obvious ways that God chooses to communicate to us is through His Word. It never grows old, never gets boring, and never fails to reveal something to us if we simply open our hearts. It’s no wonder that youth camp speakers often base entire messages around only a few verses of scripture. Without a Bible, you’ll not only be confused when it comes to the sermon; you’ll also feel deprived throughout the whole week. If you forget something as wonderful and inspiring as the Word of God, you’ll definitely regret it.  Buy an affordable Bible for Teens here.

Plenty of Clothes

Depending on where you go, youth camp can last a week or even longer. That’s a long time without your typical wardrobe or laundry schedule. Throughout your stay, you’ll be engaged in a variety of activities that may just involve getting your hands dirty. Thus, it’s crucial to pack enough clothes for your stay and then some. If you are forced to re-wear the same dirty clothes over and over again, youth camp will be a long week for everyone involved. Which leads to the next point…

Toiletries (and whatever else you might need to freshen up)

People often joke about the issue of hygiene when it comes to youth-related functions, but the stereotype is not so far from home. Teenagers can be smelly; it’s a known fact of life. Even if you don’t care all that much about personal hygiene, the kid who sits next to you might appreciate it if you did. Pack wisely, so that you can focus less on yourself and more on Jesus.

Emergency Medical Supplies

While youth camp is meant to be a safe environment, accidents do happen. Typically, youth camps have supplies for basic medical care and people to treat you. But it’s always helpful to have a couple items in your own possession. Maybe you’ve been bitten by a snake in the woods; maybe you’ve scraped your leg on a rock while hiking. Whatever the situation may be, if you find yourself without a proper means of treatment, you won’t want to deal with the consequences. Youth camp has the potential to be a disaster, but if you prepare for it like you should, it just might be one of the best times of your life.  Basic 61-Piece First Aid Kit