Backward Charades – Something New for Youth Groups

Backward Charades is a unique take on the age old party game Charades, which has been played been many generations at parties and get together. In this game, instead one person trying to get their team to guess the word, the team are the ones acting out the word and guesser has to figure it out.

Whether you have a large group of kids or a smaller group, they can all have fun getting in on the action. It is a really good way to encourage teamwork within your whole youth group.

Suggested Items for Backward Charades

When it comes to Backward Charades the preparation is the most important part and it will need to be done before the game can begin. There are only a few items that you will need to have on hand before you can get started. Once you have everything together you are ready to get to start.

  • Computer with projection system w/screen
  • Remote or person to operate the computer
  • Prepare a slide show with 34-35 slides with the charade words on them

You will need to break your group of kids up into two equal teams and how you decide to do that is strictly up to you are the group leader. After you have the team’s chosen and all of your preparations are done, you are ready to get started with Backward Charades.

How To Play Backward Charades

To get started you will need to select a guesser from each team and they will go up onto the stage facing their team and looking away from the projection screen. When ready to start, put the first slide up on the screen so that all of the members of the teams can see it on the screen for about 4-5 seconds. As soon as the word is taken off the screen the remaining members of each team are to begin acting out in order to help the guesser to figure out what the word is. The first team to get their guesser to say the word correctly, a point is an award and the game continues until one team reach 15 points.

There are a couple of very important rules that need to follow:

  1. The guesser may not turn around to look at the word on the screen
  2. None of the actors can make any type of sound effects
  3. No pointing out or drawing out of any letters or words
  4. Actors may use any props that can be found in the room

This game can be extremely fun and the competition would be a great opportunity to get to groups to learn about teamwork.

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