DIY Woven Card Using Magazines

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Growing up in a Christian family and community is one of the best blessings that one can pray for. Here, you have the chance to learn and develop a relationship with God, get to meet different wonderful people who also share learning experiences and insights.

Through the Christian community, you’re more prepared with whatever life may bring because you know that you have another set of family ready to back you up any minute. And you also have another set of parents whom you can lean on and talk with especially when there are things that you can’t tell others.

DIY Woven Cards

Our youth group leaders, children school teachers in the church, mentors and even the pastor; they are one of the most important people in our lives that we should thank God for aside from our parents. These people who wouldn’t judge us and often act as our support in times when we’re feeling low and lost.

This coming holiday season, Let’s give them and the important people in your life thanks as well, to let them know that we truly and deeply appreciate them. Doing that doesn’t need to be purchased or expensive!

So don’t worry, because you can have fun building a DIY woven card using spare magazines! These may be simple, but since you’ll be doing it yourself, this card is definitely priceless!

So what are you waiting for? Get ready with us and let’s start crafting this DIY woven card using magazines!

Materials needed: Magazine, Scissors, Ruler, Colored paper, Tape or Glue, Markers, Printer, Colored pens

diy card materials needed

Step 1: Draw vertical lines on a magazine page with a ¼ inch gap. Cut these lines but leave an uncut part about ½ inches at the top.

diy woven cards step 1a

diy woven cards step 1b

Step 2: Draw another set of lines with ¼ inches this time, horizontal on another magazine page with different color. Cut to make paper strips.

diy woven cards step 2

diy woven cards step 2b

Step 3: Grab the pre-cut magazine page and weave the paper strips through it making sure that the paper strips run alternatingly through the magazine.

diy woven cards step 3

diy woven cards step 3b

diy woven cards step 3c

diy woven cards step 3d

diy woven cards step 3e

Step 4: Continue weaving until you reach the end of the magazine. Once done, secure by adding scotch tape at the back or wrong side of the woven magazine.

diy woven cards step 4

diy woven cards step 4b

diy woven cards step 4c

Step 5: Cut the woven magazine to your desired card size. For this one, we cut it into 4 to create 4 different card sizes. Then glue them on a colored paper to make the card sturdy. Leave to dry before cutting.

diy woven cards step 5

diy woven cards step 5b

diy woven cards step 5c

diy woven cards step 5d

diy woven cards step 5e

Step 6: Fold the cards accordingly and they’re done! Now it’s time to write down your messages or favorite verses that you can share to your church mentors, youth leaders or pastor.

diy woven cards step 6

GO EXTRA! With just the same materials or anything that you find at home! Yes, you can even go an extra mile with this DIY woven card using a magazine. All you need to do is use your imagination to add more decorations to make your thank you card even more beautiful. Check out the following ideas:

diy woven cards step 7

  • Print a thank you quote and glue on to the card.
  • Add flower decorations or anything that you can find in the magazine.
  • Write down your mentor’s name or if you doubt your handwriting, print a calligraphy and trace it or cut and stick.
  • Print your mentor’s photo to decorate the card.


It’s amazing that you can DIY a card using magazines! See, that’s just one material that can be easily found at home and yet you can already create something beautiful and artsy to surprise the important people in your life.

If we’ll think about it, we can really do a lot of things with just our imagination, a little effort and the goal of making other people happy!

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