FREE Camp Coloring Book for Kids!

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The “Ultimate Youth Camp Coloring Book” is a camp coloring book that I released on Amazon a few years ago to give camp coordinators fun coloring activities for kids at summer camp.

Now it’s FREE!

This free camp coloring book contains 27 hand-drawn images displaying fun aspects of youth camp. These images are easy to color and perfect for:

  1. Getting your child excited for camp
  2. Creative activities during camp
  3. Remembering fun times at camp

All images in this book are copyrighted and cannot be duplicated for any reason without the written consent of Andy McClung from Christian Camp Pro. Email [email protected] for more information.

Please take a picture of your completed images and post it on our Facebook page at

Below is an example of all the images found in the FREE Camp Coloring Book. Don’t worry, a FREE high-resolution PDF version is available to download at the bottom of the post.

youth camp coloring book cover
The youth camp coloring book cover
kids roasting marshmallows campfire
Kids roasting marshmallows on a campfire at night.
kids exploring a lookout tower
Kids exploring a lookout tower.
making friends at summer camp
Making friends at summer camp.
canon ball
Boy doing a canon ball into the lake.
singing songs at camp
Singing camp songs
victory pose
Youth winning a summer camp game!
summer camp archery
Learning how to shoot a bow on the archery activity.
eating in the cafeteria
Eating with friends in the cafeteria.
learning about God and nature
Learning about God and nature at camp.
camp buddies
Best camp buddies!
soccer coloring page
Playing soccer with friends
camp activity horseback riding
Horseback riding on a nature trail
arriving at youth camp
It’s exciting to finally arrive at youth camp.
camp counsellor
A smiling youth camp counsellor is here to help you.
bus at camp
The bus has arrived at camp. Let the good times begin!
camp scene
The beautiful sights of summer camp.
kid praying before bed
One kid saying his nighttime prayers before bed.
staying up late
Three kids staying up late talking about their day at camp.
learning different instruments
Joining the camp band for the talent show
hiking the camp trails
A group of teens hiking the camp trails.
flashlight games at camp
It’s dark! Who’s ready for some flashlight games?
Frisbee game
An ultimate frisbee game is going on. Pass it to me!
youth camp rocks
Youth Camp Rocks
I love camp coloring image
I love camp coloring image
Jesus loves you
Always remember that Jesus loves you!
christ follower
New Christ followers at camp.
free camp coloring book
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