Get Some Fresh Air by Giving These 4 Nature Games a Spin

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Nature games are a fun way to get the most of the great outdoors! The earth is your playground, and it is a perfect environment for games that will get everyone moving! Get outside and have fun!

fun nature games for youth

Animal Capture

In Animal Capture, the participants will be split into three circles, and each of the circles will be inside each other. The circle in the middle will be standing up, and they will be the frogs.

The next circle is going to be the insects, and they will kneel with one knee to the floor. The circle on the very outside, are the flowers and they will stay still. The mediator will blow a whistle and the insects must tag a flower in 10 seconds.

The frogs can tag the insects, but the insects can lift a knee off the floor to move. The frogs can turn 360 degrees to follow an insect, but this insect can move quickly to avoid being tagged.

After the first round, the mediator notes the results, and the animals that were captured will become the same animal as the one who captured them. The animals that were not captured will stay the same animal.

The game can continue to go on until one time of animal population is defeated.

Compass Coalition

Here there is a group with a team leader. The group will use a compass to figure out where North is located on the compass. A participant will choose an object that faces north, such as a pole or a tree.

They will then find an object that is South, one that is West, and one that is East. Then the leader will shout out one of the directions. The team must then run fast in that direction to touch the object that was designated there.

The person to reach the item and touch it last is “out”. Once the first round is over, the teams can change to items that lie Southeast, Southwest, or Northeast and Northwest.

Nature Hunt

This game is a super fun scavenger hunt. The teams will scan a trail ahead of time looking for specific items like a flower, a rock, an oddly shaped stone etc.

One of each of the items will be brought back to the base in a container or plastic bag. Then each participant will choose which item they want to find when they go back to look for it during a nature walk.

Camper Camouflage

One of our favorite nature games is this one where the participants are playing the part of animals, and are supposed to be hiding from a human man. The group will walk down a trail and they will hide in the trail but cannot go more than 15 ft. into the in any direction.

They can camouflage themselves with anything that they can find outside. The leader will then allow 5 minutes for everyone to hide, and he gets one walk through the trail to see how many of the participants he can find.

When his through walk is over the participants will come out of their hiding spots.