Have A Parachute? Here are 5 Easy Parachute Games!

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parachute games

Parachute games are so much fun for everyone involved, and they are so versatile, that you can be creative with all kinds of activities. Try out these 5 great parachute games that will keep everyone entertained for a really long time!

Catch the Mice

In this game of Catch the Mice, some of the participants are the cats, and they will stand on top of the parachute. The other participants are the mice, and they are supposed to stand underneath the parachute. The people holding the parachute will lift it up so the cats can’t see the mice underneath. The cats will try to catch as many of the mice as they can, and when the mice get caught they come out of the parachute. Those mice will sit out until the next round, and then they will switch places and become the cats.

Parachute Mountain

In this game the players will hold the bottom of the parachute tight while making the upper section fill out to look like a mushroom. Two people will attempt to climb on top of the bubble. While it might sound simple, it’s not as easy as it sounds. If the two people fall off, they are out, and two more people will attempt the feat. The goal is to see how many participants can climb Parachute Mountain.

Balls Away

In Balls Away, the parachute will not have strings attached, and will have a large dip in the middle. The players will each have a bouncy ball in their hand. They will begin the game by throwing the balls into the middle of the parachute. They will then grab the edges of the parachute to wait for a cue from the administrator. When they get the “ok”, they will lift the parachute up and down to get the balls to bounce out. Whoever the last ball on the parachute was assigned to, wins the game!

Treasure Storm

In Treasure Storm, there is a treasure box placed under the parachute. This treasure box contains random items that belong to the participants (like a hair clip or a special pen). The players will move the parachute as if it’s the water in the midst of a storm. Each person gets a chance to be a diver and must collect specific items from the box as they are assigned.

Group Name Mayhem

In this game every participant has a specific name of something related to a specific topic. In this example, we will use hot dogs.  They can be a hot dog, ketchup, mustard, relish etc. The administrator will call out one name and everyone with that name will run around the parachute. The administrator will then yell “Blast Off” and the participants will fill the balloon with air, while the people with the assigned name will be told to perform an action. They will have to run under the parachute while performing this action, whether it be jogging, hopping on one foot, flapping their arms, etc. They must get out of the parachute before it comes down on them.