Holy Sweat! 5 Highly Active Youth Group Games

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Highly active youth group games are great to build stamina and endurance, as well as promote a healthy active lifestyle.  

These games are sure to get your heartbeat up and use up a lot of excess energy.  With so many fun youth group games to play, you’ll forget that it’s so healthy for you!

highly active youth camp games

Here is a list of 5 highly active youth group games that are incredibly fun!

1. One Hand Tag

In this game two people are “it”, and they hold hands with their partner while trying to tag other players with a free hand.  When a person is tagged they have to hold hands with that person who tagged them, and they are now “it” as well.  

If two players stand back to back, they are immune from being tagged for 10 seconds.  This game will go on until all of the participants are tagged.

2. Ant Bait

This is one of the most highly active group games and will go until everyone is tired!  This game is best played in a field or a large area.  One person will be “it” and they have to chase other people.  

When a person gets tagged, they have to lie on the floor with legs and arms sticking up so that they look like a dead ant.  If four people tag each of the ant’s limbs, this ant will come alive again.  

If a person is a dead ant more than 2 times, they can’t come back to life and are now “it”.  For a more intense game, you can have more than one person to be “it”.  This can add even more fun and mystery when it’s hard to keep track of who is “it” and who isn’t.

3. Over-Under Tag

In this active game, there is one participant who will be “it”.  They will tag people, and when they do, that person will be frozen until someone else who isn’t tagged crawls underneath their legs.  They are then free to continue to play.

4. Don’t Break the Chain

If you’re looking for a funny yet highly active youth group games, This is the one!  There will be players lined up in a single file making two lines of equal people.  

These players will extend their left hand through their own legs to grab the right hand of whoever is standing behind them.  This will then become a dragon chain, and the point is to keep it together.  

The team will run to a specific spot on the field altogether without breaking the chain.  If the chain breaks, the teams must start all over again at the beginning.

5. Find Cinderella’s Shoe

In this game, there are two teams of 3 boys and 3 girls each.  The girls must remove one of their shoes and place in a large area in a pile.   

When the teams hear “GO”, one boy and girl from each team will become a pair, and the boy will hold a broom handle while the girl follows behind.  They will speed over to the pile of shoes, and the girl can’t talk while the boy tries to find her shoe.  

He has to then put it on her foot, and they will both go back to the starting base.  Then the next couple in line will follow until all of the girls have their own shoes on.

active youth group games