Hydro Dipping: Everything You Need to Know

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Hydro dipping is an extremely fun way for you to decorate almost any item that can be completely submerged in water. The activity is fun to complete and you get a memento when you are done.

Hydro Dipping Guide

With the ability to hydro dip almost anything, you can add a blast of color to your items. This can range from your crocs, walking sticks, the frames on your glasses, even some stones for a yard project. Hydro dipping is so fun and addicting that you may find yourself looking for anything and everything to dip!

There are a lot of companies that have popped up with the hydro dipping craze. Many offer complete hydro dipping kits so you can buy everything you need in one go. It’s also pretty easy to gather the materials on your own and you likely have them already!

That’s the best part of this craft! You don’t need a lot of equipment, nor do you need any experience. All you need is a big enough container to accommodate what you will be coloring as well as your preferred spray paint colors. 

I’ve added a gallery of awesome items that have been hydro dipped at the bottom of this post!

How to Hydro Dip


When hydro dipping, the paint on the surface of the water is transferred to the surface of the object that you dip into the water. To hydro dip on your own, you will need acrylic spray paint and a large container of water

The process of hydro dipping with spray paint is quick, but you will need a few hours of “dry time”. First, you will want to spray paint your object and leave it to dry for approximately 2 to 3 hours. After this time has elapsed you want to fill your container with lukewarm water up to around 3/4 full. Then spray your spray paint colors onto the water’s surface. 

Now you just need to slowly dip your object into the water and slowly take it out again.

What Material Can You Hydro Dip?

What makes hydro dipping most fun is the fact that it is a process that can be used on several different surfaces. You can hydro dip ceramics, rubber, glass, metal, plastic, and wood. I’ve seen someone even hydro dip their Halloween pumpkins and it came out great!

Can You use Regular Spray Paint for Hydro Dipping?

Yes, you can use pretty much any type of regular acrylic spray paint for hydro dipping. This is a great way for you to use up old spray cans that you may have laying around.

How Long Does it Take to Dry?

How long it takes for your item to dry is dependent on the relative humidity at the time of completing the process. Most often on a regular day, you can find a product that will dry in 20 minutes to an hour.

Remember the first spray paint of the product has to wait for 2 to 3 hours to dry. Once you have done the initial spray painting of the object you will want to ensure that you can dip the product within 8 hours of spraying. 

A Hydro Dipping Quick List

  1. Choose an appropriately sized tub or bucket and fill your tub or bucket up to approximately 3/4 full. 
  2. Spray your paint cans directly into the water. You will want to do this in a well-ventilated area – preferably outside. Ensure the paint layers you are spraying are thick enough to coat your object but also remember that how thick the layer of paint is will affect the drying time. For best results and for a prettier pattern you can spray contrasting colors next to each other. 
  3.  You can swirl the painting design in the water with a stick. This will help create a design. If your colors are spreading easily, this means your layer of paint is too thin and has already started to harden. When you use adequate amounts of paint you will find that your end product will have more vibrant colors and the design will show through more obviously.
  4.  Once you have your paint design in the water the way you like you are now ready to dip your object. Go slowly when you are immersing your object. Remove any paint left on the surface before you get your object from the water. Any paint left on the surface will stick to your object and will mess up the design. 

Hydro dipping is a great outdoor activity for kids. They can enjoy the process and have a keepsake at the end of the day showcasing their artwork. This makes it an ideal choice for kids clubs, vacation bible schools, and camp.

Hydro Dipping Inspiration

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