What Are Lanyards of Silence and Why Do You Need Them?

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Retreats are often known for their incredible ability to build relationships among Christ-minded people. They bring people of all backgrounds into one space, allowing them to enjoy fellowship with each other as they learn and grow together. While the social aspect of retreats can definitely be beneficial, sometimes people just need some time alone. Sometimes interacting with others can be exhausting and even counterproductive. Regardless of the reason, there is a simple solution to this problem: Lanyards of Silence!

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What is a Lanyard of Silence?

Lanyards of Silence are exactly what they sound like – decorated accessories to facilitate silence during a group retreat. By wearing one around your neck, you can politely let others know that you don’t want to be talked to or approached. Maybe you need some time for personal reflection or prayer.

Maybe you’re going through a time of mourning. Maybe you simply need a mental break from all the hustle and bustle of the outside world. These lanyards are a simple notification to the rest of the attendees that silence is needed – without getting into specifics.

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Benefits of Lanyards of Silence

Lanyards of Silence are a rising trend that’s certainly a great addition to any style retreat. They offer privacy and comfort to people who, for whatever reason, feel put off by social interaction during the retreat. Without Lanyards of Silence, these guests may not get the relief they need when attending a retreat by constantly engaging in conversations when they really need a break. These awkward confrontations only serve to dampen the mood of the retreat and could negatively affect the person attending.

Lanyards of Silence ensure that no feelings are hurt, and no one is backed into a corner, either. It’s a good idea to explain the rules of the lanyards at the beginning of your retreat so that they are used and understood appropriately. They are only to be used for serious and viable reasons.

For example, someone who is shy shouldn’t opt to use a lanyard to avoid making acquaintances during the retreat. Someone also shouldn’t use a lanyard to avoid talking to people they don’t like. Going over these basic rules will ensure that Lanyards of Silence are used effectively and not abused.

Overall, if executed correctly, Lanyards of Silence are an excellent way to make retreat guests feel loved and respected. In real life, you can’t always avoid socializing when you feel the need to be alone. However, over the course of your retreat, you can give your guests the increasingly rare chance to rest and recharge without the stresses that social interaction can cause in their lives.