Left/Right Gift Game – Saint Nick’s Nightmare

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Oh no! It’s Christmas Eve and Santa is in trouble! Play along with this gift exchange game to see how it all turns out. For this game, have guests stand in a circle with gifts in hand. Read the funny story aloud making sure to emphasize the words “RIGHT” and “LEFT.”

Every time you read “RIGHT” or “LEFT” guests must pass their gift in the appropriate direction. This is a perfect game for giving out gag gifts, door prizes, etc.

Left Right Gift Game Saint Nicks Nightmare

December 24th and a long night ahead
Santa opened his eyes and sprang RIGHT out of bed.

He pulled on the boots that he’d LEFT by his chair,
Threw on his coat and flew RIGHT down the stairs,

Out to the workshop to check on the toys
That would be LEFT by the tree for the good girls and boys.

A sign had been nailed RIGHT to the door with a spike
“Dear Santa,” it read, “The elves are on strike!

We’ve LEFT for the city to find better work
With reasonable hours, more pay and more perks.”

Santa entered the workshop to hunt for the elves
But they had not even LEFT one toy on the shelves!

They’d packed RIGHT up and gone and LEFT him in the lurch
And Santa shook his head sadly and gave up his search.

He ran RIGHT to the stables to see the reindeer
But a noise from inside made him freeze up with fear.

A sniffle, a sneeze, a cough and a moan
Santa peeked RIGHT inside and let out a groan

It was just as he feared! If his suspicions were RIGHT,
The elves had LEFT the stable doors open all night

The reindeer had chills and were shivering too
The cold air had given them all reindeer flu.

“Oh dear! cried poor Santa, “This just isn’t RIGHT!
Sick reindeer cannot pull my sleigh tonight!”

He sadly LEFT the stable and trudged back through the snow
What was there LEFT to do? He just didn’t know.

He went RIGHT to his study and flopped down in his chair
He let out a sigh, feeling close to despair.

Nothing that day had been going RIGHT
And Santa was LEFT with a dilemma that night.

No elves and no reindeer to deliver the toys
And no Christmas toys either for the good girls and boys!

Santa sank RIGHT down, disappointment stinging
When RIGHT in his ear there came a loud ringing

He jumped RIGHT from his chair in surprise and in shock
And realized the sound came from his alarm clock.

“It was all just a dream!” Santa shouted with joy
He LEFT the house and went out to check on the toys.

They were all lined neatly RIGHT up on the shelves
And to Santa’s relief, he saw all the elves.

They were cheerily chatting and packing the sleigh
They hadn’t LEFT him and all gone away!

Next out to the stables Santa shot like a light
And saw that the reindeer were feeling just RIGHT!

“All’s RIGHT as it should be,” laughed the jolly old elf
And he shook his head and smiled to himself,

“I’ve learned my lesson RIGHT well,” he said.
“No more reading Charles Dickens RIGHT before bed!”

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