Are Church Retreats Beneficial?

Are Church Retreats Beneficial

A spiritual retreat is an integral part of the Christian community. A retreat is an ideal way to get closer to God. It can help a person to rediscover his/her faith. A retreat shouldn’t necessarily be a solo affair. Group church retreats can bring the faithful together, it can help them bond with each other, … Read more

5 Quick Tips to Market Your Next Church Retreat

The literal meaning of retreat is to withdraw. It is spiritual in nature and its purpose is to get closer to God. It is a way to discuss one’s faith. It is the definite time spent away from normal or routine life to reconnect with God. As Christians, a retreat is a way for us … Read more

3 Reasons Why Your Church Needs an Annual Leadership Retreat

annual leadership retreat

Christian leadership retreats have grown in popularity over the past few years, and for good reason. Leadership is essential in the Church – something that is clearly reiterated over and over again in scripture. And in order to have effective leadership, there is a great need for effective leaders – Christians who are genuinely devoted … Read more

7 Fun Oversized Giant Games (aka Yard Games)

There is something to say about good outside games at camp. While there are many common ones to choose from sometimes it is fun to bring indoor table games to the outside, but with one major difference. They must be gigantic! These oversized giant games not only add a new challenging element, but they also … Read more

10 Unique Flashlight Crafts for Youth

Youth camps are great! Especially at night time. And what is the one item that all youth campers should be carrying with them at all times during the night? That’s right, a flashlight! Flashlights at youth camp are great for serving three main purposes: They provide safety and security when walking at night. They are … Read more