How To Make Friends At Christian Youth Camps

how to make friends at youth camp

Have you ever attended a Christian youth camp as a new member of a church? This can be a terrifying experience for some teenagers. Who will I talk to? How will I make friends when I don’t know anyone? What will we do for fun? These are just a few of the questions your youth … Read more

Share Your Christian Youth Camp Story

share your christian youth camp story

This post is a timeless one where we invite you to tell your Christian youth camp story or stories. Please feel free to share as many Christian youth camp stories as you would like. It doesn’t matter if you are an adult reflecting on your adventures of a youth camp or a teenager who just … Read more

The Amazing Popcorn Race Game

The Amazing Popcorn Race Game

There is nothing like a good old fashion relay race to have outdoors with your youth. However, this Christian camp game adds the inexpensive addition of popcorn which turns an ordinary race game into The Amazing Popcorn Race Game. By adding popcorn into the mix, your youth will explode (or “pop” even) with laughter as … Read more