How to Plan A Christian Youth Camp: Finding the Right Location

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How to Plan A Christian Youth Camp - Finding the Right Location

Finding the right location for your youth camp can prove to be somewhat tricky.  You want to select a location that is cost-effective, gives the experience you want your attendees to have, and is in a central location.  You may not even know what is available in your area. If that’s the case, our Christian camp directory is a great place to start! Christian Camp Pro has one of the most comprehensive and user-friendly databases out there to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. And, it is completely free for you to use!

Some other considerations when securing your venue are, of course, financial. You have to consider how much you want to spend. Don’t forget that many places have that you reserve the space with a debit or credit card. This can often be the case even for religious or non-profit groups so you need to be prepared.

It is also important to consider what kind of experience you want your attendees to have. This, of course, relies heavily on the theme of your camp and your target audience. If you are planning a retreat that is service oriented you may want to consider venues where you can provide service right there.  This is also a great option as it cuts down on transportation costs.  For example, an environmental center may need help clearing trails and preserving habitats.

Location is also important to your venue.  How large of an event are you looking to host? If you are going to be advertising to your entire state, having a venue that is central and large enough to hold the projected amount of attendees is exceptionally important.

Finally, you need to consider if this camp is going to be an annual event. If this is the first year you’re holding the camp you will want to build a relationship with your venues as well. There are times when having a multi-year contract with a venue can help to secure the location (otherwise you may be scrambling every year), reduce the cost of the venue, and help you to build a lasting relationship that will help your event to be a continued success.

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