How to Plan A Christian Youth Camp: Organizing A Camp Team

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One of the most important steps to planning a good youth camp, or any Christian event for that matter, is to have an organized team to work with. As you contemplate individuals who are ideal for your team remember that with the God’s help you each have the opportunity to truly create a youth retreat experience that will bring your teenagers closer to Him.

Before considering any individuals for your team, it’s important to pray and ask God for direction. Keep in mind that not everyone you ask will agree to help. There are many reasons why a person may not be able to become a youth camp team member so don’t get discouraged if right out of the gate if someone can’t help. Simply ask someone else in your church or network and keep on moving.

When building your “dream team” of youth camp helpers, try to created a mixed group of people within your church. Some churches already have full youth staff in place that are ready and willing to help out, but if your church doesn’t, start with people who work great with teens. Try gathering around you experienced members of your church who can make the camp a fulfilling experience. Another group to consider asking for help would be the college and career class and/or older youth within the youth group. If you want youth to be invested in your retreat, involving a few youth in the planning process never a bad idea. They can bring fresh, new ideas to your team that will help you later pick a theme that would be helpful to teens, find a fun location, plan games and activities, and market your event in a way that will be more effective. Just be prepared for some outrageous ideas now and then too.

Once you have assembled your team (7 to 10 people is ideal in most cases) it is critical that you meet on a regular basis, assign tasks, and keep the group accountable to one another. As the person heading up the team it is your responsibility to ensure that all tasks are receiving the attention and follow-ups necessary for a successful event. Cultivating an attitude of humility and servant leadership as you approach your youth camp team will help you create an event, with His help, that will truly enrich the lives of the youth you are striving to reach and encourage.