Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Story – Left Right Gift Exchange Game

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Rudolph might have been different, but he wasn’t the only one in the North Pole with a secret! Use this fun and hilarious game to distribute door prizes, Secret Santa, or gag gifts.

Give each guest a gift and have them sit in a circle. Read the following story aloud and instruct the guests to pass the gifts to their RIGHT or LEFT as the story prompts. Whatever they are holding at the end of the story is theirs to keep!

left right game rudolph the reindeer story

Blinky the elf knew that something just was not RIGHT about the newest young fawn to arrive at the North Pole. Rudolph looked as cute as a baby reindeer should: bright eyes, fluffy tail, perky ears.

Still, something was off and Blinky could not put his foot RIGHT on it. Of course, it all came to light not long after Santa had LEFT for a reconnaissance mission to check on which little girls and boys were naughty and nice.

Blinky had LEFT the workshop early to bring over the training materials to all the new reindeer parents. It was important that each new fawn had the RIGHT training in order to be considered for Santa’s Sleigh Team, and the earlier they could get started, the better.

Blinky LEFT the pamphlets in the mailbox of the cave where Rudolph and his parents lived. As he LEFT to go back to the workshop, he could not help but overhear the conversation between the young reindeer and his father.

“But Daddy,” the young deer complained. “I don’t want to wear the fake nose. It doesn’t feel RIGHT. It’s not comfortable at all!”

“You must wear it,” answered his father. “There’s no choice LEFT. If you want to be considered for Santa’s Sleigh Team you must perform and look just RIGHT.”

Blinky was puzzled by the conversation and moved closer to the cave to try to see what the two deer were arguing about. As he peeked around the RIGHT corner of the cave, Blinky was shocked and amazed at what he saw.

Young Rudolph had a bright red nose! Blinky must have gasped at the sight because the two deer looked RIGHT at him.

“Oh no!” cried Rudolph’s father. “That nose has been spotted! Now you’ll be LEFT off the sleigh team for sure!”

Blinky held up his RIGHT hand to quiet the reindeer.

“Don’t worry about your nose,” he told Rudolph. “We all have our little… non-conformities around here.”

“Is that RIGHT?” asked Rudolph’s father.

“Of course!” answered Blinky. “For instance, Comet’s real name is Clyde. He LEFT a job as a spokes-deer for a tractor company to come here and start a new life.”

Rudolph’s dad did not look quite convinced, so Blinky went RIGHT on.

“Sam the Snowman wears a fake mustache, Herbie the elf doesn’t like to make toys and, if I’ve heard RIGHT, Buddy the elf isn’t an elf at all but a human who crawled into Santa’s bag one Christmas many years ago.”

Rudolph let out a long sigh and looked relieved. “See dad?” he said. “One doesn’t have to look just RIGHT to work for Santa.

“Nope!” replied Blinky. “And just between us, Santa isn’t as holly-jolly as he appears. In fact, he’s quite skinny RIGHT up until Christmas Eve!”

Blinky smiled to himself as he LEFT the reindeer’s cave. “Everyone is beautifully different,” he said out loud. God made us all and He always does everything just RIGHT!”