The Amazing Popcorn Race Game

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There is nothing like a good old fashion relay race to have outdoors with your youth. However, this Christian camp game adds the inexpensive addition of popcorn which turns an ordinary race game into The Amazing Popcorn Race Game. By adding popcorn into the mix, your youth will explode (or “pop” even) with laughter as they watch their fellow racers try to cautiously run.

The Amazing Popcorn Race Game

How to play The Amazing Popcorn Race Game:


  1. You will need 2 big buckets of popcorn, two empty buckets, and at least 10 paper plates. (Buy inexpensive popcorn on Amazon.)
  2. Create two teams with 5 players each.
  3. Give each runner a paper plate.
  4. Place the two big buckets of popcorn at the starting line and the two empty buckets at the finish line.
  5. When the relay race starts, the first player to run will scoop his or her paper plate into their team’s big bucket full of popcorn and begin to hop on one foot to the finish line bucket.
  6. Once at the finish line bucket, they will dump whatever popcorn survived the hop into the empty bucket.
  7. He or she will then run back and tag in the next racer.
  8. The next Christian youth camp racer will repeat the process until all 5 runners complete the process.
  9. The team who finishes first gets a bonus half plate of popcorn added to their bucket.
  10. The team with the most surviving popcorn in their bucket after The Amazing Popcorn Race Game WINS!

Pro Tip: It is a great idea to play upbeat, fast-paced, and energetic music while the game is being played. This helps to encourage the youth watching to cheer louder and get involved in the game as well.

Be sure to pass out fun rewards to the winners and other participants.

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