The Cookie Monster Game, A Messy One To Add To Your Youth Group Games File

Youth love games! Especially messy youth group games. Today’s featured Christian camp game is just that, messy and VERY fun to watch. To make it even better it involves every teenager’s favorite snack. OREO’S!  Try this fun Cookie Monster Game today.

The Cookie Monster Game

Disclaimer: This game involves using plexiglass or some other clear unbreakable glass-like material. DO NOT use anything that can break as it will come into direct contact with the players. Don’t worry, it isn’t that bad of a Christian camp game. We just want to ensure you practice proper safety in all youth group games played.

How to play the Cookie Monster Game

  1. Get two pieces of 2′ x 2′ plexiglass or larger.
  2. Clean it like you would a household plate.
  3. Buy one box of delicious Oreo Cookies.
  4. Separate each cookie, and try to keep the cream filling on one side of the cookie.
  5. Stick and place half of the Oreo cookies on one piece of plexiglass and the other half on the other piece.
  6. Designate two capable people to hold the pieces of plexiglass side by side in front of everyone.

Playing the Cookie Monster Game

Now it’s time to get a little messy. Cookie Monster style.

  1. Select two teenagers to play the game. Pro Tip: This game can be used to determine who goes first on another game or as a final tie breaker between two team captains.
  2. Have the two youth camp players stand behind the clear plexiglass facing the Oreo cookies and the other Christian camp attendees.
  3. Instruct them that they will be eating as many cookies off the plexiglass as they can in one minute using only their mouth and with their hands behind their back.
  4. Yell “GO”

The player who eats the most cookies wins!

The Cookie Monster Game is entertaining for everyone.

While the cookie monster game is being played, you will notice all the other youth in the audience laughing and pointing as they see the mouths of their team captain frantically trying to eat more cookies than the other player. This coupled with the screaming and shouting for their player to win makes the game incredibly fun. It is absolutely hilarious to see played live.

Your Turn

What other youth group games do you like? Have you tried playing the Cookie Monster Game? If so, let us know how it went. While you are at it, don’t forget to enter your email address below to receive our FREE recap newsletters that always include amazing Christian camp content including fun youth camp games like this one.


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