The Original Saran Wrap Ball Game

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They say life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get. True as it may be, every day we’re opening a new chapter with an unknown kind of surprise that we’ll be facing. Just like the game that we’ll be discussing today!

christmas saran wrap ball game

Imagine a saran wrap ball game with treats hidden in its layers. You can peel it open to a layer with sweet candies or also a layer that has nothing which is kind of disappointing, but just like life, you’ll have another chance to continue on peeling it until you find your special treat.

two women playing the saran wrap ball game laughing

Let’s focus on what’s really behind the Christmas Saran Wrap Ball Game and why it’s very popular amongst youth camps, retreats and of course, Christmas parties?

How to make a Saran Wrap Candy Ball

Saran Wrap Ball Tutorial!!!
  1. Prepare about 50 to 70 pcs of candies. You should use different types of candies. Chocolates, hard candies, and gummies work well, but choose your favorites!
  2. Start with a ball or any round object that will not break.
  3. Now, start wrapping the ball with traditional plastic wrap or cling wrap. (Here’s a Biodegradable Composite Cling Wrap alternative too.)
  4. Then, place a piece of candy or chocolate, then wrap with few layers again.
  5. Repeat the process until it’s larger than a basketball! If you want to make it more challenging, add a little packing tape every few layers.
saran wrap ball instructions
My original method involves starting with a small ball.
adding candy to the saran ball
Add a few pieces of candy and use saran pieces roughly 12-18 inches long.
saran game creation
Add more!
coving a ball with saran wrap
Be sure to add gifts like SLIME!
add whistles to the ball
Party whistles work great too!
colorful saran wrap game
Add a few more so everyone can enjoy the fun.
saran wrap game for kids
Who will receive the royal candy Ring Pop?
pop rocks on a ball
Pop Rocks are an all-time favorite for kids.
completed saran wrap ball game
The Original Saran Wrap Ball has been completed. Now time for fun!

Other Saran Wrap Ball Prize Ideas

  • Coins or money (just secure the bill in a piece of paper to avoid ruining it)
  • Small trinkets or toys
  • Inspiring notes and messages
  • Funny photos to make the game extra fun
  • You can also insert small bells inside the ball to add sound while playing the game. Plus, it will excite the players as the sound will get louder as you unwrap the ball.

Saran Wrap Candy Ball Game Rules

funny lady using oven mitts to open a saran ball
Saran Wrap Game!! SO FUNNY!!!

Now that everything’s ready, it’s time to start playing the fun and exciting Saran Wrap Ball game, but first, call everyone to form a circle. Now, get on the floor (or a circle of chairs), and let’s play:

  1. To determine who will hold the saran wrap ball first, the group can choose the youngest or eldest player. He or she will now start to unwrap the ball.
  2. While the first player is unwrapping the ball, the player on the left will have to roll 2 dice as fast as possible to get doubles.
  3. While the person on the left is rolling the dice, the player holding the ball can rip as many layers as they can until a treat comes out.
  4. Once the player on the left rolls doubles, he or she will now be the one to unwrap the ball!
  5. Repeat the process until there’s nothing left in the ball!

How to make the saran wrap ball game an unforgettable experience

unwrapping a saran ball

The Original Saran Wrap Ball Game is very easy to prepare and can deliver a lot of good times among family and friends. It can also be used to deliver encouraging words in a light-hearted manner like the example below.

Our everyday routine may offer something similar to this game which makes the Saran Wrap Ball Game fun and interesting! This game reminds me of my culinary school days, when I and my friends hated peeling and chopping onions because it makes us cry whenever we cut one open.

But, once we finished chopping and started using it with our cooking, we’ll get to taste its amazing flavor which makes any dish amazing. If through the process of cutting, we halted and chose to avoid using the onions, then we’ll never get to enjoy the special taste that the onion will add to the dish.

Before the game starts, try to encourage everyone to share a personal experience that is similar to this game. The activity will not only excite players with the hidden treats but will also create a deeper bond between each and everyone through fun and fellowship!